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Postby duay7t15f » Fri Nov 17, 2017 1:11 pm

Commuters using the Parika – Wakenaam the Service want the turn system implemented by the Maritime Section of the Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) to be discontinued immediately. The turn system allows the first boat at the wharf to be loaded first in what is a first come first served basis.According to the residents, previously they experienced difficulties getting the Parika – Supenaam speedboats to take them to Wakenaam.  One entrepreneur initiated a Parika – Wakenaam Service and provided infrastructure to make his passengers comfortable.Another speedboat operator who was at the time working the Parika – Supenaam Service was given permission to operate competitively on the Parika – Wakenaam Service.  These two services operated from the vicinity of the Arthurville Koker.All was going well until another speedboat was granted permission to operate on that service.   The problem was that this new operator has his service in Fredericksburg Village,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, over a mile from where the other two operated – a location that is inconvenient to the residents.As a result support for this system was very poor.  The new entrepreneur lobbied for a turn system and a meeting with the Maritime Officer declared that he wanted “a share in the cake”.   The turn system at Parika is proving unsuitable and is causing severe hardships to businessmen,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, children,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Authentic, teachers and the sick.The residents are asking that the service be discontinued and that the old system be reinstated,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, because they have to wait very long – as much as three hours to get a boat to transport them to Wakenaam.   Previously,cheap jerseys elite, the boats had schedules for their departure and arrival to and from Parika.  The first boat left Parika at 8:30 hrs. With the new system the first boat has not left Parika before 10:00 hrsPassengers who leave the Authurville Koker area and return to Fredericksburg have to walk over a mile to retrieve their car,Cheap Jerseys NFL China, motor cycle or bicycle which they used to take them.More seriously affected by this system at this time are the businessmen who previously travelled using this service and returned to the island before midday to conduct their business.  This is now impossible.
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