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Wholesale NFL Jerseys Dr. Roger Luncheon

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Head of the E-Governance Project, Alexei Ramotar, who has been sent on administrative to facilitate a probe of the project, is not taking his critics lightly.The son of former President Donald Ramotar had been under fire for his management of the project. One component- a fibre optic cable from Brazil– had halted the march of the project to connect internet to Government facilities.Ramotar,Wholesale Jerseys China, who was sent on leave last week, took to his Facebook page late Sunday, challenging his critics to show who has similar accomplishments under their belt.“To the rest I bid that you educate yourself; that you get out of your armchair,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, away from your computer or TV and do something useful.”He made it clear that his statements are for those who have been critical of him.“Firstly I shall not dishonor the terms Hindsight Critic or Monday Morning Quarterback by using these terms to describe them. At least the Hindsight Critics do some work before leveling their criticism. What I have seen from most of the criticisms and articles written is a deep ignorance of the subject matter.”He insisted that on many occasions he has “tried to educate the public, via the media, on the nature of the projects.However,Wholesale Jerseys, politically motivated agents eventually win through. They use the Goebbels infamous propaganda mantra in a media that has political allegiances and are proud of espousing their anti-PPPness.”According to the official, the E-Government Team together with Chinese-owned Huawei Technologies Inc. designed and built a LTE-A infrastructure and Data Center that provides 4G cellular and FTTX coverage to all major government agencies and public buildings.“We did it within budget; we did it within the time frame. The only critics I shall heed from now are those who have a similar accomplishment under their belt. Thank you and have a good evening.”Last week, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, instructed that Ramotar proceed on administrative leave with immediate effect.According to Harmon, this move was to investigate the financial arrangements of the project.Earlier this month, Harmon and a team visited the project after which he passed on instructions for Government’s Advisor on E-Governance Floyd Levi, to “work closely” with Ramotar and the project.The E-Governmence Project consists of a Data Centre, a transmission network and the fibre optic cable from Brazil that would have brought internet connection.The Data Centre, or control centre, is being housed in the compound of Castellani House.The Transmission Network stretches from Moleson Creek on the Corentyne Coast to Charity on the Essequibo Coast.The E-Governance project which is headed by Ramotar includes not only the fibre optic element but is part of a US$32M, three-component initiative to connect Government facilities along the Linden-Lethem road and the coastland,Wholesale China Jerseys, with internet access.Contractors, because of the difficult terrain along the Linden-Lethem trail and technical issues with the integrity of the cable, ran into all sorts of problems with the cable from Brazil.The fibre optic cable project was intended to bring cheaper internet service to Guyana’s shores from the neighbouring Portuguese-speaking territory.But after some years, the cable project collapsed and under pressure from the media, the previous administration admitted that the cable was in a poor state even though more than $1B had been spent on the cable component already.While Government was recently told by Ramotar that the cable is now too expensive to repair and that the government should cut its losses,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, the former administration which his father led, awarded a handsome contract to a local firm to repair the cable.Before the PPP/C lost the May 11, 2015 elections, former Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon,NFL Jerseys Cheap, announced that Dax Contracting Services owned by Faisal Mohamed, was awarded a contract to rehabilitate the cable.The agreement states that Dax will undertake to repair and maintain the fibre optic cable from Brazil. But the many concessions in the project which were deemed as being highly unreasonable, is currently tied up at the Ministry of Finance.
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