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Wholesale Football Jerseys Oneidge

Postby duay7t15f » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:33 pm

The members of a Section C Enterprise family said prayers for two bandits minutes after they had relieved the household of an undisclosed but significant amount of cash and jewellery during a brazen robbery at about 04:45 hours yesterday.The robbery occurred at the home of Dr. Simpson Da Silva, a former Minister in the PNC government, and his wife Nichole, a Project Officer at the Caricom Secretariat.At the time of the robbery the couple’s daughter, Oneidge, was asleep in her bedroom.According to Mrs. Da Silva, she and her husband were in their bedroom when two men, whose faces were covered,Cheap Football Jerseys China, barged in.One of the men reportedly carried an AK-47 assault rifle while the other carried a shotgun.They ordered Dr. Da Silva and his wife to lie face down on the bed and demanded cash and jewellery.“One of them dragged off my wedding band and when we told them that we had no money,China Jersyes Cheap, one of them went on his knees and cocked his gun, saying, ‘Everybody does tell we that,” Mrs. Da. Silva told this newspaper.Then Dr. Da Silva began talking to the bandits with a view to having them abandon their activity.“They were listening but then one of them said,Cheap Jerseys Supply, ‘you talking too much’,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China,” Mrs. Da Silva said.She was then ordered to bring her daughter from her bedroom and was accompanied by one of the bandits to do so.Mrs. Da Silva said that she was so terrified that she even took back some money she had given her daughter earlier and gave it to the bandit, before returning to her bedroom where the other bandit was holding her husband at gunpoint.The men then proceeded to ransack the place and unearthed a substantial amount of jewellery.The two gunmen even took the victims passports,Authentic NFL Jerseys China, which contain valid US visas.As they were about to leave, they ordered their victims not to make any noise.“They said we could scream when they left. But we prayed and thanked God for sparing our lives. We even prayed for them to change their (wicked) ways,” Mrs Da Silva told this newspaper.Eventually the police were informed and, according to Mrs. Da Silva, they operated in a very professional manner in responding to the report.“I want to commend the police for their approach to our report,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys 2018, especially Detective Constable Tirat. His whole approach and handling of the situation was professional. I felt so good by their response,” Mrs. Da Silva said.The police for their part believe that the two bandits fit the description given by at least two other victims of armed robberies on the East Coast of Demerara.
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