Cheap Authentic Jerseys Online Deonarine Jodha

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Cheap Authentic Jerseys Online Deonarine Jodha

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Deonarine Jodha’s condition is still listed as serious and he remains a patient at the Suddie Public Hospital, four days after he was severely beaten by unknown men while he was on his job as a security guard, attached at the Guyana Stores,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Essequibo branch. Jodha’s wife, Farida,Cheap Jerseys From China, said that her husband is crying out for severe head pains and one of his eyes is still swollen.Deonarine JodhaBranch manager, Mohamed Khaleel Ulla, said Saturday morning that on Friday,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, after reading the article about the injured security guard,Cheap Jerseys From China, only then did the police make an effort to secure a statement from Jodha. The manager, responding to the near fatal attack on his employee, said that he is convinced that the bandits’ motive was to first kill Jodha,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, after which they would have broken into the store. At present another security guard has been operating at the store, Ulla said.Fifty-year-old, Deonarine Jodha, of Lima Housing Scheme, was severely beaten by bandits on Wednesday night last. The incident, according to Ulla,Cheap Jerseys, occurred while he was sitting in the guard hut in the compound of the Guyana Stores branch. Farida said that her husband put up a fight with the two men and could have lost his life,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, had it not been for the alertness of a neighbour who resides to the north of the Guyana Stores building.Ulla praised the neighbour’s quick response. She mistook Jodha’s screams for that of her goats and by venturing outside she actually scared the men away. They fled through the back entrance of the Guyana Stores compound. Police have not made any arrest. They discovered a claw bar and a cutlass alongside the guard hut.
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