Cheap Jerseys From China drawers

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Cheap Jerseys From China drawers

Postby duay7t15f » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:00 am

A scam artist that calls himself Dr. Persaud has caused some landlords to hold their heads in despair.According to one of the victims of the scam, 82-year-old Donald Lawrence, of 85 Gordon Street, Kitty, the man who goes by the name of Dr. Persaud made an agreement to rent his apartment in February originally for one week.However,Authentic MLB Jerseys Online, after the week elapsed the con artist asked for an extension. He sometimes paid the daily rent.The pensioner explained that the man who called himself Dr. Persaud came to him under the guise of being a foreigner who undertake surgeries in the country and just needed a place to stay for awhile.He noticed that the Dr. Persaud had multiple male and female visitors who he claimed worked with him,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, “He also claimed to be an auto dealer,” but when asked for the rent various excuses would be made about visiting the bank and “surgeries that he would be doing for hours and he was tired and unable to get the cash and all sort of excuses.”Lawrence said that after he became suspicious of the movement of persons randomly in and out of the apartment, “and my carpenter overhearing some type of illegal business that was taking place in the house the police were called in last Saturday.”He said when the police were present and he gave permission to enter the building with the spare keys it was discovered that the house was empty and many items were missing or damaged.“I was surprised. The bed sheets, drawers,Cheap NFL Jerseys, nettings, the two fans, TV, gas bottle with fittings,Adidas Hockey Jerseys Cheap, knives, pot sets, and even the mirrors were broken and damaged….The man even disconnect the fuse box and reconnected the wires; a fire could have been caused in here!” Lawrence said.In despair the landlord said that his losses go into hundreds of thousands of dollars while he is also owed $104,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,000 for the man’s accommodation. “I even hear this man tried to fraud other persons of rent in Pike Street,Jerseys NFL China, Kitty.”The swindler is described as a male of East Indian ancestry,Wholesale Jerseys China, short, fair in complexion and in his early forties.He said that a statement was given to the police, but persons should be aware of the swindler and his associates who are on the prowl.
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