Cheap NBA Jerseys China Barry Chetram

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Cheap NBA Jerseys China Barry Chetram

Postby duay7t15f » Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:30 pm

Gunshots rang out last evening,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, at approximately 18:30 hours,China Jerseys Cheap, when three armed men made off with a large sum of cash and jewellery after robbing a grocery store,Cheap Basketball Jerseys, owned by Harrichandra ‘Sonell’ Chetram,Cheap Jerseys From China, on the Tuschen Old Road.Chetram said that he was unsure of the exact value of the cash and jewellery the bandits took away, but he said that it was ‘a lot’.The gunmen had approached Darshinie’s Grocery Store, owned by Chetram and his family, and proceeded to relieve the owners of the establishment of cash,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, before demanding that the family hand over any jewellery they had.The family was unwilling to do so, but after being threatened with the firearms which the bandits had, the occupants complied.And as the unwelcomed visitors were taking the valuables, residents of the area became suspicious and began to approach the grocery store, unnerving the bandits who immediately discharged several rounds at them,Cheap Jerseys From China, one of which grazed the back of a neighbour,Cheap NFL jerseys China, Balgobin Patiram.Chetram’s father, Barry Chetram, was also injured during the robbery.Bystanders said that they saw him being taken to the hospital with his face ‘covered in blood’. It is unsure how he sustained his injuries. Some speculated that he may have been shot.The gunmen made their escape in a car described as a ‘new model white Carina’. Residents said that they saw the licence plate of the vehicle and noted that it was of the PKK series. No one was able to take down the entire license plate number of the vehicle.Police ranks at the scene told Kaieteur News that the police gave chase after the car as it sped away, but were unable to catch it.Chetram noted that the grocery store was robbed before, on April 8, 2005.
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