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Cheap Jerseys Wholesale President David Granger

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President David Granger, yesterday accepted the Letters of Credence of AmbassadorThe Head of State meeting with Israeli Ambassador Mordehai Amihai-Bivas.Mordehai Amihai-Bivas, Non-resident Ambassador (Designate) of the State of Israel and Mutsuhito Okada, Ambassador (Designate) of Japan, both to the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.At the ceremony which was held at the Ministry of the Presidency, Georgetown,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, the President said that Guyana was pleased to accept the Letters of Credence and asked that messages of good health and prosperity be conveyed to their nations’ heads.To the Israeli Ambassador,cheap jerseys from china, the President said that the accreditation affords Guyana and Israel the opportunity to continue to work together for the maintenance of international peace, security and also, to deepen relations in pursuit of peace and the sustainable development of both nations.“Guyana remains committed to pursuing the economic and social development of its people in an atmosphere of peace and stability. We believe that peace is essential for there to be national development. Peace and security, also,Cheap Football Jerseys, strengthen the ties of amity and comity between nations and regions”.The President also noted that Guyana rejects the use of non-peaceful means to resolve differences between states.“We deplore the threat of or use of force to settle disputes.President Granger greets Mr. Mutsuhito Okada yesterday at the Ministry of the Presidency.Guyana holds steadfast to the mission of ensuring that the Caribbean Region remains a zone of peace. We resolutely are committed to the ideal of international peace and security”.He continued that Guyana and the State of Israel share several intersecting development priorities, particularly agriculture. He stressed that this can be an area of stronger focus for the exchange of expertise between the two countries.“We seek to cooperate,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, also, in the areas of food security, information technology, poverty alleviation, public health and public infrastructure. The pursuit of these commonalities could be the basis for our continued cooperation at the bilateral level” President Granger stated.In the presence of the new Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Mutsuhito Okada, whose predecessor was His Excellency Yoshimasa Tezuka, Mr. Granger said that since the two states established diplomatic relations in June 11, 1969,Cheap Jerseys From China, the passage of the intervening years has witnessed an intensification of economic cooperation and trade.He continued that Guyana looks forward to continuing cooperation with Japan, particularly in the areas of economic, social and physical infrastructure and technology transfer. He further added that investments in social infrastructure,NFL Jerseys China, particularly in education and public health,China NFL Jerseys, will sustain a more skilled and healthier workforce, and thereby generate increased benefits for our people.“They will enable our industries to improve their efficiency and competitiveness. Guyana acknowledges and expresses its appreciation for Japan’s support for our country’s development. Guyana has also benefitted from Japan’s cooperation with the Caribbean Region. Guyana intends to expand economic cooperation with Japan in the ensuing years.”
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