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Wholesale Jerseys USA Abdul Aziz

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Security guard tied up and set alight Police and Guyana Fire Service ranks are currently investigating a brazen arson attack on a multi-million-dollar juice factory at L’Esperance, Canal Number One Polder. The attackers of setting alight of its security guard.Reports are that some time around 23:00 hours yesterday residents of L‘Esperance Canal Number One were awakened by flames coming from the Juice processing and bottling factory in the area.A section of the burnt out factor. The owner of the property,Cheap Jeseys NFL, Abdul Aziz, told this newspaper that he was at home when he got a telephone call informing him that his business premises was on fire. This newspaper was told that the security guard on duty,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, 17-year-old Wazir Khan,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, was tied up,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, beaten and set alight by three men who invaded the premises.According to Aziz when he arrived on the scene the entire factory was engulfed in flames and the police had already taken his employee to the West Demerara Regional Hospital for medical attention.He said that he was later informed that his security guard heard a noise coming from the back of the premises and went to see what was the cause.“The boy said that when he went,Cheap NFL Jerseys, one man put a gun to his head tied him up and told him if he scream they would kill him.”The man related that after tying up the guard the men proceeded to douse the building with kerosene and set it afire. Once the building was lit the man said he was told that the men set fire to the security guard and left.“When they leffing they ask he ‘How you gon pelt bottle now?’” one neighbour said.The young man was rescued by neighbours how rushed to the scene. Khan was taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where he was treated and sent away.Residents of the area said that they are not pleased with the response by the Guyana Fire Service. According to residents the fire service took more than two hours before it arrived on the scene.“When they reach now they aint had no water so they decide to pump water from the trench. When they apply to de pump it ain’t working,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,”.Meanwhile this newspaper was told that only two weeks ago persons tried setting fire to the factory. One resident of the area told this newspaper that two weeks ago three men tried entering the factory compound but were not successful.“De guard boy hear a noise and when he run to de back he see these men and he start pelting dem with bottles and dem run away.”Khan told this publication that after he was set a fire, he rolled on the ground and managed to extinguish the fire.He said that a man confronted him with a gun while going to see where the noise was coming from at the back of the building.Last September another arson attempt was made on the building. Fortunately only some sections of the building were scorched.However the owner of the property said that he has no idea why persons would want to destroy the factory since he has no enemies and the factory provides employment for persons in the community.The factory was only commissioned in July of last year and had the capacity to produce 550 litres of beverage per hour.The Security Guard’s plight The 17 year-old security guard had only been employed with the factory for almost a month. The lad’s grandmother 67-year-old Bibi Marrian Khan said that her grandson did not relate the entire story to her because he was fearful that she would collapse.Canal #1factory owner Abdul Aziz “Me mind that boy since he was one month old,Wholesale Jerseys From China, and he does always try fuh mek me happy…He de really love the wuk and look wha happen to he.”The woman related that her grandson was unable to complete his secondary school education after he was bitted by a snake and was hospitalized for a lengthy period.“He went and pick mango fuh sell and a snake bite he. Them doctors de give up pon he and tell he the only way he woulda live is if dem cut off de foot.”The woman said thanks to the team of doctors from the United States, her grandson who is the only bread winner for the home was given a second lease on life. They saved the leg and his life. According to Khan her grandson also is the father figure to his seven-year-old old niece who lives with them at their Leonora home.“This li’l girl mother go away and lef she. She father get lock up fuh some carnal knowledge charge.” The woman said that her grandson after being employed vowed that he would save his money to get his brother out of prison and take care of his daughter.“He never miss one day wuk. He use to mek sure he niece and me get something in de house fuh eat and then he gon go to wuk. And he tell meh how he boss was a really nice man,”.Khan sustained burns to parts of his neck and back.
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