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Wholesale Jerseys US without being apprehended

Postby duay7t15f » Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:21 am

As if the brutal murder of their daughter was not enough, vandals have now added to the grief of Sheema Mangar’s parents by destroying a simple monument they had erected in her memory.It was in November 2010 that relatives erected a small concrete cross in Camp Street near the spot where she was run over by a car which was transporting an individual who had snatched her phone.Yesterday, Radica Thakoor and Lalbachan Mangar went to Camp Street and were horrified to find that most of the cross had been smashed.According to the parents,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China, a close friend alleged that a man on a bicycle rode up to the spot at around 10:00 hrs yesterday and struck the monument repeatedly with a piece of wood. He then rode away.Ms.Thakoor believes that the fact that the culprit could commit such an act in high daytime,Cheap NFL jerseys China, without being apprehended,Cheap Jerseys From China, speaks volumes about the lawlessness in the country.“This is like a second murder of my child…this broken cross represents a broken-down country. I am not going to repair it (the monument). I want everyone to see what this country is all about.”A dejected Radica Thakoo sits near the smashed monument Sheema Mangar, a former employee of Demerara Bank, was waiting to catch a bus near Camp Street and North Road on September 10,NFL Jerseys From China, 2010,Cheap NFL Jerseys, when a man snatched her BlackBerry phone. The thief then entered a car,Cheap NFL Jerseys, which ran over Mangar when she stood in front of the vehicle while pleading for the robber to return her phone. She died shortly after at a private hospital.Her killers remain at large,China NFL Jerseys, and the bank employee’s relatives have repeatedly expressed frustration that police officials have been unable to tell them when the tests on forensic samples will be completed.
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