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Wholesale Jerseys China PPP/C

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By Abena RockcliffePrime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, who is also the Minister of Information,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, yesterday sought to lay a foundation of assurance to the media that his administration will handle things “differently.”Prime Minister Moses NagamootooHe said this as he took the floor of the National Assembly to speak on the Motion which seeks to have the House’s approval for policies of the new government as outlined by President David Granger during his address at the convening of the Eleventh Parliament.As he spoke yesterday,Cheap Jerseys From China, Nagamootoo made several references to things that were considered norms and practices under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration and said that they will be no more as “things will be done differently”.Nagamootoo stressed that his government will handle the affairs of the state media in such a manner.By “differently”, Nagamootoo meant that the state media houses can rest assured that he (who he made clear the buck stops at) will not look to interfere in its day-to-day running; neither will he try to hinder true journalism by setting mandates for the state media houses to be used as “propaganda machines”.Further,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Nagamootoo sent a message to private media houses to the effect that it has nothing to fear from the unity administration when it comes to reporting freely.He said that full respect will be given to the media and no attempt will be made to curb those who attempt to demonstrate freedom of expression, barring this is done within the ambit of responsible journalism.The Minister said however, that he hopes the media will allow those whose characters may be called into question to respond at all times.The Prime Minister said that his government will seek to protect journalists who subscribe faithfully to the tenets and preferred standards of journalism.CHANGES FOR STATE MEDIANagamootoo announced that an investigation has been launched into the operations of the Government Information Agency (GINA). The Prime Minister told the House that GINA would have collected money for the placement of government ads in the state-owned Guyana Chronicle and National Communications Network,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, but those funds were never paid over.He said that GINA owes Chronicle $76M for advertisements. He said that it is suspected that some of this money is owed for ads that GINA may have placed for the PPP/C during elections campaign.Nagamootoo said that GINA is currently a burden to the state media.“It (GINA) has become like a heavy lead pulling down the NCN and Chronicle,” said Nagamootoo.The Information Minister said he intends to restructure GINA and turn it into entities that will faithfully serve in the nation’s best interest.“When one sees the Government Information Agency,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, it must not be one that people will pay to monitor calls and wiretap or intercept Facebook messages and do things that are not in the domain of public information,” Nagamootoo asserted.The Prime Minister also announced that there will be restructuring of the Guyana Chronicle and the National Communications Network. The Boards for both state media houses are expected to be replaced.Nagamootoo made it clear that the new Boards will comprise professionals who will work towards the betterment of the state media entities.He emphasised that the state media should “act as a professional body to tell Guyana and the world what government is doing,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, to inform the populace to make better choices,Wholesale Jerseys China, and not fall prey to stigma of racism and appeals of ethnicity.”
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