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With just over 11,000 reported cases of gastroenteritis (diarrheal illnesses) in children, the Ministry of Health has been able to deduce that there has been a slight increase in the number of cases when compared to last year.In the first four epidemiological weeks for this year, 11,017 cases were reported, according to a statement issued by the Health Ministry yesterday. It added that the overall total for the first four weeks of this year is slightly increased from the first four weeks of last year.According to the statement for every 10,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,000 population in Guyana, about 800 episodes of gastroenteritis occur each year. This disclosure comes as part of the Ministry’s response to the reports of increase diarrheal illnesses.According to the statement, the rate of this illness in children under five is about 1,200 episodes for every 10,000. This,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, in essence, translates to the fact that almost 30 percent of deaths of children under five are caused by diarrheal illnesses.Globally, one in every four children experience at least two episodes of diarrheal and vomiting each year. In Guyana, gastroenteritis occurs in every geographic region and as such is not a new illness, the statement added.The problem has over the years remained a global public health problem in both developed and developing countries,Wholesale China Jerseys, although it assumes greater significance in developing countries. Further, it was noted that the occurrence of gastroenteritis is seasonal and the highest incidence occurs in the months of December,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, January, February and March.“Because the Ministry of Health considers the occurrence of gastroenteritis as a major public health problem, we have been monitoring the incidence of diarrheal illnesses throughout the country.“All health facilities in Guyana, including private doctors and private hospitals, have to report incidences on a weekly basis to the Ministry of Health.”However, one of the problems being encountered is the unreliable reporting from health facilities around the country, the statement noted. It was further highlighted that the Ministry has been receiving an unusual number of calls from the public relating to diarrheal illnesses.  However, it was deduced that if people are kept informed, they will be able to take necessary actions to reduce the problem.Gastroenteritis or diarrheal illnesses is a public health problem and largely can be stopped by good hygiene, the statement added.“The Ministry of Health has been active in promoting good hygiene. One of the reasons for this robust campaign to promote good hygiene is to reduce the number of diarrheal cases in Guyana.”In 2009, only 55 percent of the facilities reported consistently and on a timely basis. For the past four epidemiological weeks in 2010, the reporting facilities rose to between 65 and 80 percent.Chief Medical Officer,Jerseys From China Online, Dr Shamdeo Persaud, has been instructed to write to all health authorities to ensure compliance to the Ministry of Health requirements.Guyana recorded a total of 60,246 diarrheal cases in the 52 epidemiological weeks in 2009.Children under one-year-old accounted for 5,673 (9.4 percent) of cases in 2009. Children between one year and under five years old, accounted for 17,Dirk Nowitzki Jersey,059 (28.3 percent) of diarrheal cases in 2009.For the age group five to 14 years old, there were 15,325 (25.4 percent) cases of diarrheal illnesses and for the age group older than 15 years, there were 22,191 (36.8) cases in 2009.In the first four epidemiological weeks for this year, 11,Cheap Jerseys Outlet,017 cases were reported to the Ministry of Health. The overall total for the first four weeks is slightly increased from the first four weeks of 2009.The under one year old children accounted for 788 (7.2 percent) of the 2010 cases so far in 2010, the one year to five years old accounted for 3,202 (29.1percent), the five to 14 years old children accounted for 3,070 (29.7 percent) and the over 15 years old accounted for 3,957 (35.9 percent) of all diarrheal cases so far in 2010.Globally, more than 50 percent of the time, no specific cause is identified. However, around the world, contaminated water, food and poor hygiene have been identified as the major causes.In Guyana, about 35 percent of all diarrheal cases in children are caused by rotavirus. It is the main reason why the Ministry of Health is ensuring most children are vaccinated against rotavirus. Then there are also common bacterial infections that cause diarrheal diseases in Guyana.The Ministry is urging that persons adopt hygienic practices such as hand washing, boiling water, the use of bleach, cooking food thoroughly and by keeping containers of drinking water closed.
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