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Fire Chief Marlon Gentle has refuted claims in certain sections of the media which suggest that his ranks were involved in a theft at a fire scene on Tuesday.Yesterday,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Gentle said there is no evidence to suggest that his ranks acted in an unprofessional manner.According to Gentle,Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys, around 10:14 hours on Tuesday,Cheap Jerseys Online, the Fire Service received a telephone call about a fire at Lot 2 Rewa Street Lamaha Springs and responded promptly. Gentle added that when his ranks arrived on the scene they were met with a smoke filled house which was tightly secured since none of the occupants of the house was home.He added that his ranks according to procedure broke into the house through the roof in order to extinguish the fire.“Shortly after the fire was put out the owner of the home arrived and realized that several valuables were missing. Again,Cheap NFL Jerseys, as a part of our procedure a search around the immediate surroundings was conducted.”According to the fire chief,Hockey Jerseys 2018 Cheap, some of the items were found on a dam aback of the house while others were found in a nearby yard along a passage way leading to the house and others were found packed up in the same house. Nothing belonging to the home owner was found on the person of any of the fire ranks.In the end,Dallas Mavericks Jerseys, Gentle pointed out that only a laptop and a few other personal items were not recovered. “We are concerned about the image portrayed in the media which suggests that we are very unprofessional.“Such claims only seek to tarnish our good name and say that we are unprofessional.” Gentle reiterated that the Administration of the service does not in any way condone such acts and if anyone is found,Cheap Baseball Jerseys China, that person would be dealt with strongly.
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