Wholesale Jerseys s son was on Friday

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Wholesale Jerseys s son was on Friday

Postby duay7t15f » Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:09 am

An eyewitness has come forward in the wake of the recent statement by Minister Robeson Benn that his son, Robeson Benn Junior,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, was assaulted by ranks of the Guyana Police Force.The Minister’s son was on Friday, June 20,Wholesale Jerseys USA, accosted by the ranks after he allegedly failed to stop the motor car he was driving at their request.According to the eyewitness,Jerseys China, it was about 16:50 hours on the day in question and she was standing at the junction of Princes and Mandela Avenue awaiting transportation when she heard the loud wail of a police siren.The woman said that she observed what appeared to be a high speed chase with a police vehicle in hot pursuit of a white AT 192 motor car. She noted that the car bearing registration number PHH 3805 was darkly tinted.The eyewitness pointed out that from all indication the police ranks were desperately trying to signal the driver of the car to stop.And according to her, the car eventually came to a halt just over Princes Street close to the area where she was standing.The woman explained that the driver of the car eased his window down and arrogantly announced, “I is Minister Benn son…What the f… y’all want?”She said that a rank approached the young man and requested that he present his documents to which the young man promptly disclosed, “I don’t have no f…ing paper to give y’all. Me father is a Minister of the government and anytime y’all lock me up Minister Rohee gon lose he f…ing wuk tomorrow (Saturday). ”By this time, the woman said,Cheap Jerseys 2018, a large crowd had converged at the scene.Nonetheless, the woman said that the ranks continued to request the documents even as they pointed out that they would have to carry out a search on the vehicle because of the degree of the tint.The young man,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, however, continued to curse the ranks, the eyewitness said. It was at this point she said that the police took the young man into their custody,Cheap NFL Jerseys, placing him in the police vehicle.According to the woman, the entire scene was that of a young man being disrespectful to law enforcement officers. She said that she was most surprised that the officers were extremely tolerable given the broadcasted reputation of ‘black clothes’ ranks.The woman said that she had never before had the need to side with ranks of the police force but had no choice when she saw the Kaieteur News headline “Minister Robeson Benn charges police with shakedown, spiteful arrest.”The woman said that she read the article with disgust and thought that it was appalling that the Minister could have come to that conclusion without even thoroughly investigating what transpired.“How could the Minister say that the police assaulted his son when he was nowhere there?”  The Minister’s son was on Monday charged with disorderly behaviour and placed on $10,Cheap Jerseys Store,000 bail.However, Minister Benn in his statement indicated that he and his family are prepared to take private action and intends to review the police methods following what they claim was the violation of the young man’s legitimate rights as a citizen.It added that the incident was “evidently another shakedown attempt by some rogue policemen which became awry and degenerated to road rage and actual assault on a young man protesting the violation of his legitimate rights as a citizen.”
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