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Cheap Authentic Jerseys who according to reports

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Vigilante beating…Police continue to detain three Rural Constables as officials maintain that acts of brutality against citizens will not be condoned.The Rural Constables who are members of the South Turkeyen Community Policing Group are accused of inflicting a severe beating on motorist Ronald Roberts last Wednesday morning,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, although they were not on official duty.Roberts who suffered a broken arm, was accused of being a thief by the Rural Constables,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, who according to reports,Jerseys NFL Cheap, were under the influence of alcohol.He was taken from his car by the RCs and dumped at the Turkeyen Police Station where he reported his ordeal.But even as police are investigating the beating, focus is being paid to the operations of certain Community Policing Groups.It is widely believed that despite the standing orders, which mandates CPGs to provide support to the police,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, many of them have been operating outside of their mandates.According to the standing orders,Cheap Jerseys Supply, Community Policing Groups on patrol must be accompanied by a uniformed rank of the Guyana Police Force.“When they can’t get to have their own way, they go to the Minister of Home Affairs and tell him all kinds of things. They refuse to work with the uniformed ranks,” a source at the Kitty Police Station where the recently reported matter is being investigated, told this newspaper.The source added that to make matters worse,China Jerseys NFL, after detaining Roberts,Cheap Jerseys Store, the RCs took him to Turkeyen instead of taking him to the nearest police station which would have been Kitty.“They were clearly acting out of their zone and to cover their tracks they took him to a station where they supposedly have a lot of influence,” the source pointed out.A senior police official has assured that the rural constables will face whatever consequences are to be had in this case will be meted out and there will be no sacred cows.
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