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Wholesale China Jerseys with a few additions

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Information Liaison to the President, Kwame McCoy, whose car was being pummeled by several placard-carrying protestors,NFL Jerseys China, while he was leaving the handing over ceremony of the newly constructed US-sponsored clinic in East La Penitence yesterday afternoon,Wholesale Jerseys China, is alleged to have driven his car in a dangerous manner, causing one of the protestors to sustain injuriesThe ‘peaceful protest’ by supporters of the People’s National Congress Reform turned nasty when McCoy allegedly drove his vehicle in a manner that caused a woman to be hit while he was escaping the army of picketers surrounding his vehicle.According to 32-year-old Yulanda Anthony, she was entering a shop when McCoy’s vehicle turned her way and charged her down. “He came till into de corner to hit me.”The 17 Walker Terrace,Wholesale China Jerseys, West La Penitence resident, is also two months pregnant with her sixth child. .Anthony, who the protestors said was not among them, also claimed to have heard McCoy saying, “I gon hit sum @#$ing body.”Outside of the Georgetown Public Hospital, where the injured woman was taken by some protestors,Cheap NBA Jerseys, several persons expressed outrage at McCoy’s alleged behaviour“I don’t know if he does smoke cocaine”, was the comment made by a woman who described herself as a head protestor.“Ramsammy came out and wave…..Jagdeo did nothing….Best did nothing……Kwame was de upstart.”According to reports reaching this newspaper, McCoy had taken a photograph of a protestor, Andrea Marks,Budda Baker Jersey, with his cell phone.Marks, it is alleged, was also threatened by a Presidential Guard.Kaieteur News understands that the woman is currently fearful for her life, and had complained to Volda Lawrence, a Central Executive member of the PNC, about the incident.Further reports reaching this newspaper stated that Kwame McCoy is to report to the Ruimveldt Police Station this morning.The protest activity took place amidst the handing over of the clinic at East La Penitence built by US Military personnel.Among those present at the ceremony were President Bharrat Jagdeo, Junior Health Minister, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, US Charge d’Affaires, Karen Williams and scores of American soldiers who built the facility,Wholesale Jerseys, among others. Some of the protestors outside of the New Horizons East La Penitance ClinicAn increase in number was seen among the picketers, and an added amount of enthusiasm was noticed, especially among the older ‘folk’.President Bharrat Jagdeo, who was undaunted by the chanting, was observed comfortably engaged in the activities of the handing over ceremony, and did not seem vaguely troubled by the picketing exercise, which was located oblique to him.“It’s a free country….a democratic country”, Jagdeo commented when asked how concerned he was about the protestors,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, who had also welcomed him home when he arrived back in Guyana following a recent trip.He added that he and his Government is “very committed”, when asked of the administration’s level of commitment to the investigations into the reports coming out of the Robert Simels trial, and the Roger Khan proceedings in the USA.“Any act of criminality committed on our soil should be thoroughly investigated and not by a Commission of Inquiry, but by the law enforcement agency “The protests are now added to a list of picketing exercises carried out by the same group of people (with a few additions) which took place during important meetings and in front of Government offices.Jagdeo seemed to be paying no mind to the protestors as he left the scene.Other prominent figures in the party were also heckled by the group.
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