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Authentic NFL Jerseys From China OLPF

PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:22 pm
by duay7t15f
All is not well with the much touted One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) project. While several thousand of the laptops have been distributed,China Jerseys, the persons responsible for training the recipients are crying foul,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, since they have not been paid since October.The trainers who operate in several hubs across the country have claimed that all they have received since the commencement of their contracts are promises but no money.However, Information Liaison to the President, Kwame McKoy, who is the spokesman for the programme has assured that the payments will be made as soon as possible.He acknowledged that there were some hiccups which stemmed from the trainers themselves,China NFL Jerseys, resulting in the present “undesirable situation.”Government has committed billions of dollars to the programme under which some 90,000 households will receive a laptop computer free of cost.One component of the programme entails the hiring of persons to train the recipients in the use of the devices.This aspect commenced in October last year and involves four, two-hour training sessions, three times a week at a rate of $2000 per hour.According to the trainers, they are required to submit their claims to the OLPF office in a timely manner to facilitate payment.This they said was done on several occasions but the trainers are yet to receive a cent.“Christmas come and gone,NFL Jerseys China, Mash come and gone and is just promises, promises. They just have you going and coming,” one of the frustrated trainers told this newspaper.One of the trainers told this newspaper that whenever they query the delay in their payment, the programme’s Director, Sesh Sukhdeo,Cheap NFL Jerseys, would respond that the matter will be looked into.This newspaper contacted Sukhdeo and he advised that McKoy be contacted.“Protocol does not allow me to speak to the press,” he told Kaieteur News.When contacted,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, McKoy said that the payments are being processed but blamed some of the trainers for the delay.According to the information liaison officer, many of the trainers did not complete their invoices in the proper manner.“This is a new project… many of the invoices were sent back to be corrected and verified… more than three-quarters of the invoices were incorrectly filled,” McKoy explained.He said that the government is committed to the arrangement but pointed to the elections period as a possible reason for the delay in dealing with the matter more expeditiously.“There is nothing to be alarmed about…I regret the seasonal promises,” McKoy stated,Jerseys China, adding that those trainers who are affected should make contact with him.But his explanation did not go down well with some of the affected trainers alleging that there might be no money to pay them.They claimed that the OLPF senior staff recently held a “big one day retreat” which cost a lot of money.“What happen to we who doing the work? We are teaching the recipients. What happen to our travelling? Who will work from October to now and ain’t getting a cent?” one of the trainers asked.