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Wholesale China Jerseys a security guard

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A 26-year-old woman has come out to defend her lover,Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys, who is being accused of shooting her in the mouth two Saturdays ago at John Fernandes Squatting Area.Shevon Harry was hospitalised at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation for almost a week after being shot.Some had identified the woman’s lover as the shooter.Neighbours insisted that they saw her lover fleeing the scene after shooting her. One woman even alleged that the man broke her bridge as he was escaping on his motorcycle.But in an interview yesterday,Wholesale Jerseys China, Harry claimed that the gunman was someone she has never seen before.She described him as a “light skinned man” who was wearing a blue jersey. But she has no idea why someone would want her dead.The 26-year-old victim is claiming that her neighbours who implicated her lover are only gossiping.Shevon Harry alleged that shortly after 12:00 hrs on October 08, her ‘child father’ called and asked if he could come by for lunch,Cheap Jerseys, to which she agreed.Shevon Harry“He eat and then he left. Me and my daughter were eating and then she went in her room. I went in her room to see what she was doing and when I was coming out I see this man standing on my landing and I jumped because no one was there before.”She said that before she could have said anything,Nike NFL Jerseys China, the suspect fired a shot at her and then escaped.“I didn’t know I was shot and when I saw blood,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, I didn’t even know where I was shot.”Neighbours claimed that after the shooting, Harry’s estranged partner told her to wash out her mouth under a tap.But she claimed that after she was shot, she took a taxi and went to the hospital.She claimed that her lover did not visit her while she was hospitalised. However, he called to find out how she was doing after she was discharged.“He called and ask me how I was doing and he said that he want to come but the news that he shoot me was all over and he asked me is what I put him in now,” the woman said.According to Harry, the man did not tell her where he was at the time and is yet to visit her.Kaieteur News was told that the near-fatal confrontation allegedly occurred after the victim, a security guard, accused her spouse of impregnating another woman.Neighbours said that around 14:50 hrs, the man visited Shevon Harry, and an argument ensued in the yard.He then allegedly shot her in the mouth and escaped.Residents told this publication that the woman has been a constant victim of domestic violence. A neighbour said that she was sitting outside when the suspect passed on his motorcycle.She added that about 10 minutes later,Taylor Gabriel Falcons Jersey, she heard an ‘explosion’,Cheap Jerseys Store, but didn’t pay too much attention since she thought children from the neighbourhood were playing.But then her son came and said that Harry’s ‘child father’ had shot her in the mouth.“I see he tek off with a speed on the motorbike. He fly pass me house and headed through the dam for Shirley Field. He even break my bridge”, the neighbour recalled.She said that the suspect’s younger brother went into Harry’s yard and “washed down” the blood.Another woman noted that the suspect is a very abusive and controlling individual.This newspaper was told that the police are still trying to question Harry’s partner as it relates to the shooting.
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