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Cheap Soccer Jerseys China help

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Stabbing in Lodge…Investigators recover two bloody knives from apartmentInvestigators recover two bloody knives from Lodge apartment. Investigators probing Wednesday’s incident on Joseph Pollydore Street, Lodge,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale, in which Julius Chung lost his life, are not convinced that the 40-year-old man took his own life.Speaking to reporters yesterday, Police Commissioner Henry Greene said that investigators recovered two bloody knives from the scene.The revelation adds to the mystery surrounding how Chung met his death. Chung was found dead in a pool of blood in the bottom-flat apartment of his ex-girlfriend, Dianne Browne, minutes after he had stabbed her several times.Browne reportedly sustained stab wounds to both of her hands, abdomen and back before rushing out of her downstairs apartment to seek help from neighbours.The incident occurred around noon on Wednesday and,China Jerseys Cheap, coming so close on the heels of the murders in Berbice, raised the ire of the women gathered at the scene.There were conflicting reports of what really transpired,Cheap Jerseys Store, but the victim’s neighbour, Lawrence Ferdinand, who lives on the upper flat of the two-storeyed building, said that he was watching the cricket match between the West Indies and England when he heard sounds coming from the downstairs apartment.Shortly afterwards he heard sounds as though someone was climbing the stairs that led to his front door and a voice shouting: “Help, Mr Ferdinand, help!”He said he opened up and was greeted by the horrific sight of a bloodied Browne at his front door.Ferdinand said that Browne was clutching her left side as blood oozed from the wound near her tummy.He explained that before the woman passed out she told him that her child’s father had stabbed her.At the time he had no idea that Chung was lying dead in a pool of blood in the front bedroom of the downstairs apartment.When the police arrived they knocked on the door but got no response. According to Ferdinand, one of Browne’s sisters who had a key to the apartment subsequently opened the door.It was then that they were greeted by the grisly sight of Chung’s body on the bed.“I didn’t know what happened after that,” the injured women said.Initially police did not totally buy her story since,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, according to a press release that was issued by the police on Wednesday,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, the circumstances of how the couple sustained their injuries are unclear.A senior police officer close to the investigation had told this newspaper that, since Browne was the only other adult in the apartment at the time of the incident, she will have to give an account of how Chung sustained his injury.Commissioner Greene said that for the moment the police are treating the injured woman as a suspect in the death of Chung. However,Authentic MLB Jerseys Online, he said that she was not placed under police guard.
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