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Cheap China NFL Jerseys a single Manifesto

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PNC Party Chairman says…The People’s National Congress Reform on Saturday last held its first General Council meeting for the year 2011 with participants from all ten Regions.The General Council, which is deemed the highest forum of the Party after Congress, was chaired by Party Chairman, Mr. Bishwaishwar “Cammie” Ramsaroop.In his opening remarks Ramsaroop highlighted the challenges for the Party at the forthcoming elections. He remarked that the absence of the Jagans and the consequences of their recent Presidential exercise made the PPP a weaker party. Ramsaroop also suggested that PPP was becoming desperate as the elections draw nearer. According to the Party Chairman, this is leading them to resort to all kinds of propaganda and intimidation,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, and warned that incidents of fear and control of the media will intensify.The Party members were also urged to ensure that everyone is registered so as to be able to vote on Election Day.“We can only win if we get an overwhelming turn out; we must move on as a united Party since unity in our Party is a must. Egos must be submerged and we must devote all our energies to the realisation of the objectives.”Meanwhile, the Party’s Leader, Mr. Robert Corbin, in his address to General Council,Nike NFL Jerseys China, said that rain or shine the campaign and the work of the Party must go on. The rain must not stop anyone from getting registered during the Claims and Objections period. This,Wholesale Jerseys Group, he said, is the last opportunity for people to get registered.Mr. Corbin further explained that in 2002 it was realized that the time had come to address the issue of shared governance. According to Corbin in 2004, the Congress theme was “Building a Platform for Peace, National Cohesion and Reconstruction” and in that address, the Party emphasized the need for national cohesion and reconciliation. He added that if Guyana was to go forward in harmony a model which will see enhanced co-operation among the political forces must be developed.“We must demonstrate from the way we approach the elections that we are prepared to practice what we preach…our Party is strong and resilient and we cannot be worried that we will lose our identity…we are confident that Mr. David Granger is competent and capable of giving leadership in such a Government”.Also on the occasion the Party’s Presidential Candidate,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Mr. David Granger, in his report to the General Council on the process of the Joint Opposition Political Parties (JOPP) said that the Party has championed the cause for shared governance.“Since we have been toiling in the vineyards of inclusivity it time for us to reap the harvest.”Granger reiterated that the PNCR, WPA,Authentic Jerseys For Sale, GAP and the NFA have committed themselves to forming a coalition.He outlined the five principles on which the coalition will be based; a consensus Presidential Candidate; a single Manifesto; a single Campaign; a symbol of Coalition; and a name of the Coalition.Granger however noted that the Party will not be losing its identity since “we will still be the PNCR.”He also stated that the door is still open to the AFC and the GPP. “The common task is to preserve our unity and solidarity and to remove the PPP/C from office”.Mr. Granger also said that the Party must not miss this opportunity in taking back the reins of Government.The Presidential Candidate also spoke of all the mismanagement and damage to the various sectors of the economy and there is no way we can take another five years of the PPP/C.“Match fixing caused us not to win and we have to deal with the match fixers…2011 will not be an ethnic census; this is a vote for the nation of Guyana to take back our future for our children. We have to devise a strategy for getting all of these people on our side”.“We want to be able to bring about reconciliation and reconstruction to this nation so that young people could have a future; restore values in Government; restore respect; reform security and public service and to also give women and children a future”.The General Council concluded after approving Resolutions for rescheduling of the Party’s Biennial Congress to be held no later than the end of March 2012, and  the Party’s approach to contesting the 2011 General and Regional Elections in partnership with other Political Parties,China Jerseys, Civil Society Groups and committed individuals.
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