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Cheap Football Jerseys Raphael Trotman

Postby duay7t15f » Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:12 pm

Leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC),Cheap Jerseys USA, Raphael Trotman, yesterday said that he believes that the US Government will use the information gathered on self-confessed Guyanese drug trafficker, Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan, for leverage against the Guyana Government when it is needed.This newspaper understands that the US is yet to respond to Guyana’s request for information regarding the Roger Khan case which recently concluded with Khan pleading guilty to all the charges against him,Jerseys NFL Cheap, including 18 counts of drug trafficking,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys, and the 1994 gunrunning charges in Vermont, as well as witness tampering. In the process he accepted a 15-year sentence.Commenting on this, Trotman said that the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of Home Affairs both have credibility issues with the US State Department.He added that those two are the critical persons with regard to crime,China Jerseys Wholesale, security and the drug strategy.“So it is no secret that the US Government and its institutions have said that there is a crisis of credibility and confidentiality with regards to their involvement with Guyana with the drug fight.”According to him,NHL Ice Hockey Jerseys, it has been reported that in the past, raids and the movement of DEA agents,NFL Jerseys Discount, have been compromised before hand and after and the Guyana government is doing little to strengthen that credibility.“I don’t see any great assistance forthcoming for this year…if I say to you I have no confidence in your police commissioner and/or your Minister of Home Affairs I cant share information with you.”
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