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Wholesale Jerseys Outlet steal the vault

Postby duay7t15f » Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:50 pm

Police and other investigators are probing the circumstances which led to the break-in of the Ministry of Communities Housing Department office in the Region Six Administration compound.The police were called in on Sunday. According to information,Cheap Jerseys USA, the office which is located in the compound of the Region Six Administration was broken into sometime between Saturday evening and Sunday midday. It has been reported that the burglary was discovered around 11:45hrs when staff reportedly reported for work.The bandits reportedly entered the building by cutting the mesh over one of the windows and removing the louver panes.They then removed a vault which was located in the supervisor’s office reportedly containing over 400 Transports. The intruders also stole a laptop computer.Information revealed that the compound is secured by the Home Safe Security Service which reportedly has Dr. Roger Luncheon as one of its Directors).  It was reported that six guards and a supervisor were supposed to be at work during the evening. But on that night,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, only one guard and the supervisor were at work. When questioned,Cheap MLB Jerseys, security guards working at the Regional Administration compound said that they did not hear anything.    Police visited the scene and were able to retrieve fingerprints. Evidence at the scene also suggests that the vault was lifted and taken over the back fence from where the thieves had entered.Police sleuths were reportedly joined by other investigators who are looking at a number of scenarios,jerseys nfl wholesale, including the possibility of an inside job. They are questioning why someone would want to break into the Housing Department, steal the vault,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, and remove only Transports. The Housing Department in Region Six has over the years been embroiled in a series of questionable deals,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, and investigators are looking at the possibility of a staged job so as to cover tracks.  Investigators have vowed to follow all leads in an effort to get to the bottom of the theft.A number of guards and other employees have been taken into custody.
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