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China Jerseys NFL Tek loan

Postby duay7t15f » Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:18 pm

Dem boys was passing through de airport and see a fat Guyanese wid both shoe laces loose. He put up he right foot pun de chair and bend over fuh tie he left shoe.No wonder GPL, Marriott and Skeldon got serious problems. Uncle Adam see how he neighbor dem getting rich overnight. Dem start out wid one old minibus now dem got a whole fleet. He decide that he gun lef de newspaper wuk and mek money like dem too.Suh he tek a loan and buy a brand new,Cheap Jerseys From China, not second hand minibus. He get a driver and conductah. He set a target wid dem two fuh bring in $20,Cheap Jerseys China,000 every week.Wid that kind of money Adam woulda able pay de loan and lef wid a nice piece in he pocket.De first week the driver seh he just mek enough to pay de conductah and heself.De 2nd week he tell Adam that dem barely mek it fuh pay eeself. Suh Adam go to he mudda savings and give de driver money to pay de conductah.De 3rd week de driver tell Adam that he got li’l problems with de bus.Adam go back to he mudda savings and pay de driver and de conductah.De 4th week dem complain that the radiator leaking and dem did not make enough,China NFL Jerseys, again.Adam go again into mom’s savings and pay dem plus give dem money to fix de radiator. De next week de driver seh that de radiator get more holes and leaking wuss suh.Again Adam tek he mudda money and give de driver and de conductah to pay demself and fix de radiatah.Up comes de next week and dem tell Adam that de radiator get wuss plus de engine oil now leaking. Dem ain’t wuk at all.Adam keep going to he mudda savings like an ass to give de driver and de conductah and fix de problems wha de bus got week after week.Which ass will run any business like that? Tek loan,Cheap Jerseys USA, tek money from savings and give it to a driver and conductor to fix the same problem day in and day out.You really believe that the driver fixing the vehicle or pocketing the cash? That is why Adam ain’t got a minibus today and he ain’t got money. He still paying de loan plus he mudda.Well is a similar situation we are facing with de Skeldon Sugar factory.Jagdeo go to China and tek a US$158 million loan fuh build a brand Skeldon Sugar factory. Like de minibus, week after week de factory never come off de ground.And year after year Jagdeo tekking money from de Treasury fuh fix de factory and it still ain’t fix. You believe de money he seh going to de factory year after year really going deh?Is only an idiot or a thief would do something like that. And guess what we still have to pay the loan?De exact scenario playing out at GPL and many other government corporations. Dem boys know fuh sure is not stupidity suh dem boys want to get close to dem because dem filthy rich. Dem boys prepare fuh marrid dem and America mekking it legal. Dem call it same sex marriage.Everything America do Guyana does do. Guyanese does celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, and tek this one,Jerseys From China, Summer Sale. Adam plan fuh tie knot wid Brassington; one ugly and got brain and de other fat, and got brain. Dem match in bed.Glenn plan fuh bamboo wedding wid Jagdeo and he ain’t signing no certificate. Dem have common interests—business and media. Gildarie prefer Luncheon but he gun tek Anil. Dem plan fuh nikka. Dem got a lot in common because dem been to de same school. Gildarie seh that he wouldn’t record de honeymoon.Talk half and wait fuh invitation fuh de triple wedding.
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