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Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Emma House

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A powerful London-based body that represents publishers worldwide has blasted Guyana’s decision to buy pirated textbooks locally. It described the move as illegal and is now threatening legal actions.Yesterday,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Emma House, International and Trade Director of the Publishers Association Limited (PA) said that Guyana’s decision was in direct contravention of the local, regional and international laws.“The Cabinet’s decision in Guyana to procure pirated textbooks for public schools is an indisputably illegal act. This decision is in contravention of Guyanese law,NFL Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Caribbean law (CARICOM’s revised Treaty of Chaguaramas) and the international Berne Convention,” PA said in a release statement that was also published on its website.The lobbying body comprises of more than 100 top book publishers including Random House Children’s Books andhttp://www.publishers.org.uk/index.php?option=com_jw_sme_directory&task=showEntry&id=69&caller=showMemberList&Itemid=1408 Macmillan Education.“The Guyanese government has not contacted publishers to discuss supply of legitimate books.  This makes the government’s claim that this illegal action is justified by concern over price totally redundant and disingenuous, if not hypocritical.”The real victims of the government’s actions, PA said, are the Guyanese children, who are now being provided with sub-standard resources by the Ministry of Education.“In light of the official confirmation by the Ministry of Education that the procurement of pirated books is approved policy,China Jerseys Cheap, publishers will now be assessing their legal options to ensure that an end is put to this unlawful behaviour.”The issue of pirated textbooks, which has been a hotly debated and simmering one for a number of years now, took centre stage this week after the Ministry of Education pre-selected seven companies to supply textbooks, in this case photocopied ones.However, the more prominent bookstores, including Austin Bookstore which holds the rights to distribute original copies to some of the textbooks, were not invited.There were protests including letters to the editors. A Trinidad firm, Royards Publishing Company,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, reportedly made a surprise bid for the contracts to supply.There has been the argument that Guyana just cannot afford to buy the original books which under local programmes are distributed free to schools.However,Cheap NFL jerseys China, it is a lucrative business with government spending hundreds of millions of dollars yearly to buy the pirated copies.Guyana’s copyright laws are outdated and not geared to deal with the current problem it is facing and there have been repeated calls for these to be adjusted.On Wednesday, Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, admitted it was a Cabinet decision to procure pirated textbooks for school.In justifying the decision for pirated books being bought by Government, Dr Luncheon also said that it all had to do with value for money.The Cabinet decision was also based on quality and pricing, he said.Local book publishers say that the pirated or photocopied textbooks are sold for half and in some cases, for a fraction of the normal price of the originals.Some of the bookstores which hold the distributing rights to textbooks claimed that they were forced to drastically reduce imports in recent years because of the decision by Government.The piracy issue had seen reports of former Education Minister, Shaik Baksh,Cheap Jerseys From China, denying in 2010 that it was a policy and that he will have to investigate.Last year, explosive revelations by the Auditor General report of 2010 pointed to serious wrongdoings with the procurement of text books with millions of dollars paid before the contract was even awarded.There were indications also that books were ordered by the Ministry of Education and either not delivered and or were short delivered.Earlier this year, a senior official in charge of the department at the Ministry of Education which was tasked with ordering the books was removed.Pirated or photocopied textbooks are openly being sold in a number of city stores. It is a billion dollar business.
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