Cheap MLS Jerseys de man that flip but didn’t di

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Cheap MLS Jerseys de man that flip but didn’t di

Postby duay7t15f » Thu Oct 19, 2017 5:27 pm

Every day dem boys wake up and see de sun,Wholesale China Jerseys, every morning when dem open dem eye,Cheap MLB Jerseys, de Creator does inspire dem fuh do something to protect de poor and disadvantaged.Nuff people frighten to talk but dem does see wha going on. And dem does remember wha dem hear. Brazzy got de nerve to tell this nation that it ain’t mek sense fuh got money in de bank and getting next to nutten in interest.That is de argument he put forward that h put forward fuh spending de US$20 million in taxpayer money in de Marriott. That same money was getting triple de interest rate wha any bank does pay in de world. But Smart man Brazzy tek de money,Nike Air Max 2018 Release, put it in Marriott and in de same breath tell de nation that iff de hotel mek a profit is only then de money gun be repaid wid no interest.In short Brazzy and Jagdeo and Marcie play three card wid people money. Three card is de biggest scamp dem got. Everybody know that and when dem three can master that God be wid Guyana.Dem same three mek Fip, de man that flip but didn’t die,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, go away wid a whole heap of money. He come back and he living large at de Pegasus while he waiting fuh de Marriott till dem three card  player come up wid another idea fuh give de nation another hydroseed.Dem play some card game wid Skeldon and dem boys seh that it had to be high tech poker. Almost US$200 million disappear at the turn of a card.Just before he lef office Jagdeo seh that he gun personally mek sure de factory wuk. De nation should demand that he go to wuk every day at Skeldon,Wholesale Jerseys From China, even if is guard wuk,Cheap Jerseys Free, till de factory start fuh wuk.Walter Rodney use to seh that anything Burnham put hand pun does tun Tu Tu.  Dem boys seh that everything Jagdeo touch tun kaka. That is why he got to get de KKH and de H stand fuh hole.Talk half and pray fuh dem three card people.
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