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The Child Care Protection Agency (CCPA) will be looking to tackle the issue of ........ materials being exposed to children.Director of Child Care Services, Ann Greene, said that the law prohibiting DVD vendors from exposing snapshots of ........ should be fully enforced.Doris Shelto,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, Leader of Sophia’s Parent Action GroupGreene explained that while sex education is necessary for children,Wholesale Jerseys From China, age appropriateness needs to be taken into consideration.“Young minds are not prepared for that,” the Director stressed.It is no secret that ........ is being sold to minors on the streets of Georgetown. Such videos are also readily available online,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, with children of all ages now having access to the internet.To this end, Greene explained that their access should be closely monitored, since the videos portray all kinds of stories.“…Even people having sex with children; so young children seeing this might be thinking that this is the norm,” Ms. Greene added.As such, Greene is urging parents to monitor their children’s online sites, and is also calling on the relevant authorities to curb this immoral practice.It is because it is illegal to sell ........ to a minor, that having snap shots of material on display is just as unlawful.But, many people, especially street side DVD vendors, are either oblivious to this,Wholesale Jerseys USA, or blatantly choose to disobey the law.Many parents find it disturbing to see snap shots of ........ plastered on DVD casings and put on display along the pavements of Georgetown,Wholesale China Jerseys, as they walk with their small children.This practice is mostly prevalent under the Demico House building and the environs of the Stabroek Market, despite the vicinity being one that is constantly patrolled by police officers.In speaking with Kaieteur News, Doris Shelto, Leader of the Sophia-based Parents Action Group believes that vendors displaying DVD cases with obscene images are a total disrespect to society.She explained that a child who is now learning her ABCs does not need to be influenced and confused by what she sees on a DVD casing, especially since the child would not be of an age where she can and should be given “the talk”.Director of Child Care Services,Cheap Jerseys From China, Ann GreeneShelto told this newspaper that she is being asked about the same DVDs by members of her ‘Sophia Sparkle Youth Group.’“I remember a nursery school teacher telling me that she caught two of her students experimenting in the washroom. Some things cannot be prevented, but it is our duty as parents and adults to allow children to grow on their own time. By having these things exposed, we are forcing them to think about things that they should not be thinking about at that age,” Shelto said.She opined that the responsibility of curtailing such “immoral” practices should lie with law enforcement officials who need to implement penalties so as to ensure that the minds of young children are not violated.In June of 2012, Kaieteur News published an article where an official stationed in the Public Relations Office of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) outlined the offence of exposing ........ materials as being “selling, publishing, or exhibiting obscene matters”, an act for which persons can be prosecuted.
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