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– 10-yr-old escapes by hiding in cabinetThe brutal murder of a 72-year old cash crop farmer and the battering of his wife on Saturday night has plunged the peaceful community of Zeelandia, Mahaicony on the East Coast of Demerara into a state of shock.The body of Dearoop Siewchand,Cheap Football Jerseys, with what appeared to be about 20 stab wounds was discovered early yesterday morning in the upper flat of his house around 06:45 hours while his wife Davi was found lying on the floor in the bottom flat and is at present, in a critical condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.Relatives console each other at the scene.The gruesome discovery was made by Siewchand’s brother, Amar,Jerseys From China Online, whose 10-year-old son had spent the night with the couple and survived the attack by hiding in a cabinet.The act is believed to be the handiwork of thieves who managed to gain entry into the Siewchand’s house through an open window.Although the Siewchand’s house is located at the back of a yard in which two other houses are built, no one heard any screaming or other suspicious noises.Except for Amar Siewchand, whose house is directly in front of the one where the murder occurred, none of the other occupants of the house at the front was aware that such brutality had taken place; they only learnt of the tragedy when they saw the police going into the house.In fact, Amar, who was not at home earlier Saturday night, was only made aware of the murder when his son, who had slept through the night with his badly wounded aunt, informed him at daybreak.Amar Siewchand told Kaieteur News yesterday that his son,Cheap Jerseys China, whom he had left with the couple, called him over to the house a little after 06:00 hours.When he went over he only saw his brother’s wife lying motionless on the floor.Both he and his son were unaware that Deoroop Siewchand’s body was lying in a pool of blood upstairs.“My son did not know that his uncle had died, he thought that they (bandits) had taken him with them,Cheap Jerseys From China Online,” Amar stated.Seeing his sister in law in such a condition, he summoned the police and together they went upstairs where they found the elderly farmer lying dead.Detectives converge at the crime scene.“The lady was lying in front of the door….and it was only after we touched her that she moved,” the dead man’s brother recalled.The badly injured Davi Siewchand was rushed to the Mahaicony Hospital from where she was subsequently transferred to the city because of her critical state.The couple’s 10-year old nephew recalled that they were all downstairs when his uncle heard strange noises upstairs and left to investigate.He could not say what transpired upstairs, but indicated that one of the intruders, who had a cloth tied around his face,Cheap NFL Jerseys, confronted him and Siewchand’s wife.The lad said that he ran and tried to hide in a store room but the man saw him and pulled him out and placed him to lie on the floor with his elderly aunt.“Me de want fuh get up but dem beat she bad with a thing dat break up. Dem tie she hand and she foot, den dey throw rum and mud water pon she,” the young man recalled.He told this newspaper that he eventually managed to get up and run and he hid in a cabinet.“De fuss time when me go, me can’t get de door close but de third time me get am close…by time when me hear dem ah lef, den me go back and lay down with she,” the 10 year old told Kaieteur News.He said that after the men left, his aunt managed to free her feet from the tape that had bound them and feebly beckoned to him to release her hand.But the lad said that the task proved difficult, since the intruders had used wire which was tightly strapped around the woman’s wrists.With no one around, the 10-year old tried to contact his father but could not get through since the thieves had severed the telephone lines.Since it was dark and he was afraid to venture outside, he remained in the house with his wounded aunt until day clean when he was able to alert his father next door.“Me been watch man de house…see if any more bandit been deh inside ah hide…,” the lad stated.Neighbours described the Siewchands as peaceful hardworking people who planted celery for a living for years.They believe that the killers are familiar with the couple’s movements.“Dem thing nah happen hey so. We does lef we place open nuff time,Jerseys NFL Cheap, but now we go have to be more careful,” one resident declared.The farmer’s murder is the third so far for the year, and the second on the East Coast of Demerara in two days following the brutal slaying of 24 year old Monica Adams of Paradise on Friday night.
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