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PNCR walks out, AFC boycotts sittingThe People’s National Congress Reform said that it was forced to walk out of Parliament after its application for leave to discuss “the explosive sworn testimony”, given on July 28 and July 29 in a New York City Court by Selwyn Vaughn,Cheap Jerseys, was denied.Robert Corbin, the opposition leader, in a letter to Assembly Speaker Ralph Ramkarran had requested the leave and it was denied.Corbin said that he has since dispatched copies of his letter to embassies and international organisations for their consideration.The PNCR stating that the chickens have now come home to roost, noted that “it took the evidence of a witness in the US Courts over the past two days to vindicate the six-year long claims of the PNCR.”Listing an outline of what the party dubs “facts” to illustrate why it is no longer prudent to expect the Government to undertake any serious investigation and why it is necessary for it to be undertaken by INTERPOL,Cheap Jerseys China, the PNCR leader stated that the matter is urgent since it appears that the Government,Nike Roshe Run Men, as was evident in the manner of the handling of the Gajraj affair,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, seems bent on maintaining that precedent with respect to the alleged involvement of Minister Ramsammy and indeed, the President himself.Corbin had also asked the Speaker to consider that while this matter has been in the public domain for several years,NFL Jerseys Discount, it is the first time that sworn testimony is available from a witness who is still alive to offer that evidence in a Court of Law, albeit in the USA.I believe that the above circumstances justify this matter as being of public importance and require that the National Assembly deal with this matter accordingly.Corbin said that the thrust of his motion was to call upon the Parliament to support a motion to invite INTERPOL to conduct an investigation into the assassination of Ronald Waddell, the involvement of Guyana Government officials in the murder of more than 200 Guyanese Youth and the involvement of the Guyana Government in facilitating the drug trade.He stated that he has no doubt that the matter qualifies as definite, urgent and of public importance as it impugns the integrity of the Government of Guyana, infers breaches of the Guyana Constitution and the functioning of institutions of the State that are bound by the provisions of the Constitution.Corbin said that the need to invite INTERPOL arises from the continued refusal of the present administration over several years to undertake inquiries into serious matters affecting the stability of the state,Wholesale MLB Jerseys China, despite frequent calls by the PNCR and other organisations in Guyana.The party’s many prior references include more than six years of issues that surround “Ronald Gajraj, Roger Khan and State Sponsored Death Squads” after three persons were arrested at Good Hope with arms and ammunition and a high-tech computer, capable of intercepting telephone calls.With reflections of atrocities of the past that claimed many lives is PNCR concludes that the Guyana Police Force (GPF) could not be entrusted with the responsibility of conducting a thorough investigation into state-sponsored terrorism and Government involvement in the drug trade.
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