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China Jerseys the director

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Former Deputy Director for Operations at the Child Care and Protection,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, Diana Lawrence, yesterday vehemently denied that she ever handled the Neesa Gopaul case.Sixteen-year-old Neesa Gopaul was allegedly killed by her mother, Bibi Gopaul and the mother’s lover, Jarvis Small, a gym instructor. The two have been charged with the teen’s murder.Lawrence explained that the matter never came into contact with her. According to the woman,Cheap Jerseys From China, the director,Buy Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes, Ann Greene, “hands out various cases to the officers.”Diana Lawrence“No one gets to choose a case. No one has the authority to place or remove a child. The director has that sole responsibility,” Lawrence posited. She said that even as the deputy director her powers are limited because of the Child Protection Act.Lawrence said that she tendered her resignation on October 3 last, mainly because she was offered a more lucrative job.She explained that with the new job offer; she practically had enough of the way the agency was being run. Lawrence said that she believes that she was being sidelined and was not able to utilise her full potential.The woman said that she tried several times to introduce numerous systems in place. Furthermore, Lawrence said that she tried to empower the staff because of the fact they were within the Ministry of Human Services and their main purpose is to empower the disadvantaged in society.“If our officers are not empowered, how can they,China Jerseys Free Shipping, in turn empower the society,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,” said Lawrence.The woman further stated that she tried to manage the Child Protection Unit in such a manner which would see the best coming out of it.Lawrence opined that it’s very unfortunate that the agency has leading persons who play the “blame game” when they should be taking responsibility for their actions. She said she has always been concerned with what happens at the agency, and the evidence is the numerous systems she tried to implement, without the support of any superior.Several other child protection officers yesterday described Mrs. Lawrence as one of the best officers working at the agency.Meanwhile,Wholesale Jerseys For Sale, Kaieteur News apologises for any inconvenience caused by the article.
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