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Guyana’s mixture of religious entertainment and variegated cultures among the ethnicities including dances, poetry and drama will be displayed when Guyana celebrates its Golden Jubilee of Independence in May 2016.Musical legends such as Dave Martins and Aubrey Mann will be performing at events. Lisa Punch, Times Two and many other talented artistes and dancers will entertain persons as well.Guyana boasts many firsts in the region. The country has produced outstanding individuals who have excelled in their field of work. They include former  Commonwealth Secretary General,Boston Celtics Jerseys, Sir Shridath Ramphal,Air Max 2018 Shoes, the first female Chief Justice and Chancellor of Guyana, then first female judge at the Caribbean Court of Justice, Madam Desiree Bernard, Justice at the International Court of Justice, Mohammed Shahabuddin.Guyanese fashion designers including Marcia Dos Santos,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Authentic, Andrea Braithwaite,Branden Albert Dolphins Jersey, Sonia Noel and many others will display their designs in shoes,Cheap Jerseys China, jewelry,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, clothing and accessories. Exhibition of Guyana’s cuisines, crafts and tourism products will entice the curious mind.The Botanical Gardens is being rehabilitated to attract more persons during this year’s Jubilee festival. It will soon feature a waterfall at its entrance. This is significant as it will commemorate Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary by showcasing the country’s many waterfalls. The Victoria Lily pond will be enlarged, deepened and landscaped for better promotion of the rare Victoria Amazonica, Guyana’s national flower. Additional grass will be added around the pond.In addition, outdoor lights will be installed along the road leading to the parking lot. This will extend visiting hours beyond sundown. It is also anticipated that evening receptions will be hosted in the gardens as security lighting will be installed at strategic points.There will also be the creation of botanical labelling and signage. A catalogue of key plant species in the Botanical Gardens has been completed and will be used to prepare mounted labels on tree/plant specimens. A brochure and map will be produced to facilitate self-guided “plant walks” around the gardens.All those preparations will be completed to welcome the 50th Jubilee celebrations with great pomp and ultimately advertise Guyana to the world.Meanwhile, the 50th Independence Anniversary also brings the opportunity for infrastructure and architecture to be noted.The 65-mile long Soesdyke/Linden Highway was the first of its kind in the entire Caribbean. This engineering masterpiece will soon undergo massive rehabilitation. The first floating bridge in the Caribbean, the Demerara Harbour Bridge which measures 7074 feet was designed by a Guyanese, Captain John Coglan. While it was supposed to last only 20 years, it is still serving its purpose 38 years later.As the 50th Jubilee celebration draws near, the Minister of Public Telecommunication Catherine Hughes is expressing satisfaction that the event will showcase everything Guyanese. Hughes also holds ministerial responsibility for the tourism sector.Hughes said at the recent launch of the Guyana Jubilee festival at Colgrain House that “it puts on show the amazing Guyanese talents from performing to cooking, to painting to sculpturing, to designing and decorating.”The main events to celebrate Guyana’s 50th Jubilee of Independence commence on May 19 and end on May 22 and will be held at the Guyana National Stadium. Currently there are celebrations being held at the various administrative regions in Guyana.
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