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Supply Authentic NFL Jerseys in matters like thes

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The way is now clear for the police to obtain a statement from Corporal Mark George, who is still hospitalised after he was shot by Magistrate Gordon Gilhuys three weeks ago.Doctors have given the go-ahead to the police to interview the injured rank who, according to reports,Cheap NFL Jerseys, is on his way to recovery.Acting Police Commissioner Henry Greene told the media that obtaining the statement was one of the stumbling blocks leading to the delay in instituting charges against the magistrate.The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP),Jerseys Wholesale, to whom the file on the matter was sent, had requested further clarifications from the police before issuing any advice.“We had to go and clear up some matters. I think one of them had to do with the statement of the policeman and because of his condition we’ve had to have permission from the doctor which we have now got,” Greene said.He could not say if the statement has already been taken.    Magistrate Gilhuys allegedly opened fire on the policeman who was part of a patrol that had stopped to investigate a parked tinted vehicle on Woolford Avenue.It was reported that the magistrate and another person were in the vehicle when the uniformed police rank approached it.George was reportedly shot in the right side of his back and the bullet exited the abdomen, but not before damaging a few vital organs,Wholesale China Jerseys, including his kidney.When asked why advice was being sought on all the possible charges facing the magistrate, Acting Commissioner Greene said that the police felt that it would be wise to have an independent office look at the matter.“We would prefer,Supply Cheap Jerseys, in matters like these,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, when police are involved that the DPP… albeit, an independent analysis is done,Wholesale Jerseys, and pronounce on it,Wholesale NFL Jerseys,” the Acting Commissioner stated.He assured that work on the matter is being done at a speedy pace to ensure that justice is served.Magistrate Gilhuys has lodged all of his weapons with the police, including the one reportedly used in the shooting.Police had stated that the weapon used by the magistrate in the incident was one that was loaned to him while he was a member of the force.The magistrate has not sat on the bench since the shooting and it is expected that he will be suspended should charges be laid against him.
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