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China Jerseys Free Shipping 500 for Digicel top up

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Quick police action led to the arrest of a mother of four, who allegedly abducted a female acquaintance of her husband yesterday from the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company’s sub-office at 69 Brickdam. The female acquaintance is attached to the company as a cashier.The police in a press statement identified the woman as an 18-year-old, of Block ‘Y’ Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara.The police later swooped down on a Church Street hotel and rescued the teen.This newspaper was told that the GT&T employee was about to leave on her lunch break when the woman confronted her.An eyewitness to the incident yesterday said that the teenager had just stepped out of the washroom when the wife approached her and requested that she step outside for a chat.Kaieteur News was told that the woman had earlier enquired from the teen where the washroom was, and was directed to it.At this time the eyewitness said no one suspected anything amiss since the wife had a young child clutching to her arm.The woman was seen talking to the teen and as the two neared the thoroughfare (Brickdam) a car drove up.At this point, the eyewitness said, the wife started pushing the woman into a silver grey Toyota AT 212 motor car.“She start fuh push she (the teen) in the car….and we hear the girl shouting ‘No! No!..,” the eyewitness recounted.Afterwards,Cheap Jerseys 2018, other employees from the telephone company were alerted as to what took place and quickly called the police.The lawmen,China Jerseys, who arrived promptly on the scene, began questioning security guards.Officials quickly alerted their technical team who then traced the last number that the teen had dialed.They called the number and a male who is believed to be the man at the centre of the episode answered at the other end.This man was later identified as Dennis “Smoothie” Adonis who is said to be wanted in connection with several frauds, countrywide.The hotel said that Adonis checked in last week as an overseas-based Guyanese and by yesterday had chalked up a sizeable bill.According to the hotel,NFL Jerseys From China, Adonis had been ensconced there for 10 days at 9,NFL Jerseys China,280 per day as part of an indefinite stay. He also owed $600 for taxi fare; $9,China Jerseys Cheap,729 for alcohol beverage; $10,440 for meals, $1,500 for Digicel top up, $650 for ice cream and $5,500 for C-point top up, a grand total of $121,219.The staff at GT&T, in the wake of the abduction, claimed that they had learnt that the man had returned from overseas and was staying at the hotel.It transpired that the woman took the teen to the hotel where she forced a confrontation with Adonis. One person heard her ask, “You know this girl?” The person said that he did not hear a response. The reputed wife being arrested by the police.Kaieteur News understands that the persons who placed the call to the hotel heard a loud commotion. The woman had begun to assault the teen. Reports are that Adonis did not hesitate to call the police to inform them about what was going on and to tell them where he was.“De husband couldn’t tek it so he quickly tell de police where he was,” explained a source.A source at the hotel yesterday said that the husband was shouting at the wife to deal with him and not the woman.“The husband was telling her (the wife) not to hit the woman…,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,” explained the source.Minutes later the police arrived and arrested the woman. The husband was also taken into custody and he seemed only too glad to be escorted out of the hotel in which he had checked under his proper name—Dennis Adonis.Adonis was the man who collected money from the wider public under the pretext that he was bringing professional wrestlers from the United States.That scheme collapsed when the news media exposed it. The very Adonis collected money from hapless young women ostensibly to train them as flight attendants. A few were sent to Barbados where they were left to their own devices. They managed to get relatives to pay for their return to Guyana.Other scams included the promise provision of a wireless communication service, the Royal Antigua money transfer service – which collected people’s money from overseas but failed to deliver in Guyana – and numerous so-called training schemes.In this instance, people nearly destroyed the rented property and the police had to be called in. Not long after,Wholesale Jerseys, Adonis went into hiding only to surface with another scheme a few weeks later.He appeared in court on numerous criminal charges for his schemes and many of these are still pending.Meanwhile, the police have stated that the woman who claimed to be the wife of Adonis will be charged with abduction. This charge could come as early as today.
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