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Cheap Jerseys China Bridgette’s hand

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(By: Brushell Blackman& Andrunie Harris)A mid morning argument between a drug addict and his father yesterday, ended in the death of Clement Petrie also known as Clement Solomon, and ‘Pussy’,cheap nfl jerseys, 57, a construction worker of 120 Canterbury Walk, Beterverwagting East Coast Demerara.The father of ten was stabbed three times about the abdomen and neck by his eldest son, Seon Solomon,Jerseys From China, 30, who was unemployed and who recently moved into his father’s home.According to relatives, the argument stemmed from Petrie’s scolding of Solomon over his misuse of some potable water in the home.The assailant, who is said to be a habitual drug user, would normally use the water extravagantly and would not refill. This angered his father, yesterday, who scolded him prompting the argument, Petrie then ordered his son to move out’ of the house.According to relatives, it was Seon’s impending eviction that drove him to kill his father. According to Nicholas Boston,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, a neighbour and eyewitness to the incident, “I went inside and I hear the noise, and I run out”.Boston said that when he came outside he saw Solomon armed with two rocks in hot pursuit of his father.The neighbour recalled seeing Solomon throwing the rocks at Petrie, causing him to fall. “Is when he fall Seon pull out a long knife and start stabbing Pussy”.After being stabbed, Solomon walked some distance to his cousins’ residence where he collapsed and was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital by relatives.Clement Petrie’s brother, Walter, was at his home not far from the family home where Petrie lived. He said that he heard the commotion and he asked his daughter to find out what was happening.He learnt soon after that his nephew had killed Clement Petrie. He said that he ran across to the home but by this time his nephew had disappeared.Clifford Yaw,Cheap NHL Jerseys, a pastor, was at home peeling vegetables when he heard screams. He said that he rushed to his door to see a man holding on to Clement and slashing at him.He said that he saw Petrie evade a slash. Yaw said that he shouted to the man to release Petrie and he saw Petrie run into the yard. He said that he also saw a bloodied knife in the killer’s hand.At the hospital the relatives and friends were inconsolable. The man’s daughter and his wife had to be restrained by relatives as their screams drew a crowd.Between her cries in grief, Petrie’s wife, Lavern Daw, said that she pleaded with her husband to “put out” Seon on many occasions. “I tell he put this boy out…This boy does smoke bad….He head ain’t good.”Walter, the dead man’s brother, told reporters that Solomon was evicted from the premises on a previous occasion. He (Solomon) subsequently returned and begged his father to be allowed to stay at the premises.His father reportedly accepted him back into the home,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, on the condition that he would find a job and “clean he self up.”Although Seon Solomon was believed to be of unsound mind by few, many relatives remarked “he had good sense….is just when he smoke he does get suh.”The assailant, who has a history of violent behaviour, was recently released from prison, where he had spent the last three years on conviction for felonious wounding.He had been imprisoned twice before. Relatives said that he had been taken to a drug rehabilitation centre twice and escaped both times.The grief stricken grandmother of the drug addict, Albertha ‘Nelly’ Abrams, told reporters of the many incidences of violent encounters she and other family members endured at the hands of Solomon.Abrams recalled some time ago when the assailant was living with her “he lash me in me head wid a piece wood…fuh nothing at all.”Solomon also reportedly broke his mother, Bridgette’s hand, after she spoke to him about washing some dishes he had used.During another altercation with his mother, Solomon reportedly stabbed her several times in the back and she narrowly escaped death because she was saved by relatives.His recent most violent behaviour included him stabbing a youth with a bottle, causing the boy to lose his eye and slashing open the head of another.From further reports by residents who witnessed the stabbing, Solomon calmly walked away, took a bath and dressed, then proceeded to launder some clothes.He then hung those clothes out,NFL Jerseys Outlet, and cleaned the murder weapon, which he handed over to the police.After being informed of the incident, Police decided to scour the area for Solomon,Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys, not realising the killer was home all the while and according to some, “waiting for the police”.
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