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Jerseys NFL Wholesale China GPHC

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Lone accident survivor, Brian Aubrey Anthony Devine, remains in critical condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, (GPHC).Devine was involved in a roadside accident at the wee hours of New Year’s Day. The accident which took place at Cemetery Road, East La Penitence claimed the lives of two persons, 61 year-old George Barker of Freeman Street,Cheap Jerseys From China, East La Penitence,Wholesale China Jerseys, Georgetown and an unidentified female.However Devine, a resident of Cockrite Street, East La Penitence miraculously survived the ordeal. The 64-year-old suffered grave injuries; he sustained three broken ribs, compound fractures in both his legs, injures to his head, jaw, spine, nose,Soccer Jerseys China, ear and he may  never see from his left eye again.Devine’s condition also warranted that he be given four units of blood. However although he is still experiencing a lot of pain, the elderly man spoke from the hospital bed of the Accident Ward of GPHC.  He remembers the incident that almost claimed his life like it was yesterday.Devine said that he was accompanying his friend to Cemetery Road to buy the daily newspapers early New Year’s Day, when a speeding motorcar slammed into them.  He said that the driver of the motorcar, a Toyota AT 192 licence plate number PNN 7977 did not stop to render assistance to the injured persons.He recalled that the impact catapulted him into a drain, his friend ended up in a nearby trench and the female was instantly crushed. The man compared the incident to a movie scene.“I went with my friend; we does usually buy papers early, I was gaffing…all we hear is a loud sound,China Jerseys Wholesale, the speed this car de coming with and it hit a speed bump by the nursery school and pitch towards we…“My friend push me aside and the car come and hit he; the girl de standing next to he get knock, then it come back and knock me,Jerseys From China,” Devine explained.He lamented the death of his friend.“De man dead before he reach the hospital. If it wasn’t for him I would be a dead man… I can’t believe this man (de driver) behave like he crazy. Imagine he knock down three people and ain’t even stop fuh see. He just drive off like is just so yuh could kill people and get away.”Devine has undergone a series of medical procedures and hopes to fully recover and return to the life he once had. “I am not accustomed to depending on people… I am a big man and I got nieces who does help me out,Cheap NFL Jerseys, but I like to be active and do my own thing.“At me age I ain’t know if I gone get back meh freedom,Wholesale Jerseys China,” he said, almost in tears. Devine is hoping that the law would take its course and justice will be served.  He is calling on the judiciary and the administration for stiffer penalties to be given to hit and run drivers.“All I could do is pray fuh get back on me foot and hope that the law take its course. People in charge got to send a strong message to these drivers that knocking down people on the road and just leaving them to die.”Kaieteur News understands that the driver of the motorcar involved in the accident was apprehended and placed on station bail. He is expected to make an appearance before the court soon.
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