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nfl jerseys authentic china Rustom Seegopaul

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– Dr. Anthony“2008 has been one of the best years Guyana has had,NFL Jerseys For Sale, in terms of culture.”This is according to the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony, who expressed this opinion at a press briefing last Wednesday while summarizing all of his Ministry’s activities for 2008.The most significant event of 2008, in Guyana, was the hosting of Carifesta X, and while the mega event drew mixed responses, the Minister said the venture had been very successful. Despite the fact that many persons who had participated in Carifesta had not been paid on time, the Minister informed that approximately 98 percent of Carifesta debts have been already settled. The remainder,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, he said, had not been paid due to issues like duplicated invoices and things of that sort.Culture Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony“All of the artistes and people who performed with us have been paid,” said the Minister.In an invited comment, the Minister said that even though persons had been paid late, he was sure that they would come onboard again and help his Ministry, should they need assistance in the future.“I think a lot of the people who have worked with us understand the position of the Ministry, and I have had discussions with them, and I do not think they hold any ill will against the Ministry.”In the preparation for Carifesta, and in the time leading up to the festival of arts, the Minister said that there was a high focus on drama, and he noted that there was a resuscitation of dramatic presentations locally.The Minister highlighted that over 700 persons were trained in theatre, and he added that there was a special play which was commissioned for Carifesta X. Also, the Minister said that his Ministry had contributed,Wholesale Jerseys USA, in a significant way, to the rehabilitation of the Theatre Guild building, and this allowed a second staging area (apart from the National Cultural Centre) for dramatic presentations.In addition, there was also a focus on music, especially steel band. Last year saw the launching of a 100-piece steel band ensemble. “I think everyone was happy when the 100-piece steel band set performed,” Minister Anthony stated.He added that in the new year (2009), his Ministry was hopeful that they would be able to take steel band to other regions of Guyana.More so, in terms of art,NFL Jerseys China, the Minister said that there were numerous Guyanese artists who had showcased their works during Carifesta, much to the delight of the audiences. Some Guyanese artists had been invited to the University of the West Indies, to showcase their work at that university’s Faculty of Imagination.The Minister also said that the launch of over 30 books for Carifesta, had spurred Guyanese people to write, and in light of this, Minister Anthony noted that many of the publishing houses around the Caribbean, and around the world, which published the works of Caribbean writers, had closed.Due to this, many Caribbean writers would not have a place to have their writing published.During Carifesta, President Bharrat Jagdeo had indicated that Guyana would fund, at least partially, a publishing house for Caribbean writers.Developments of this publishing house, said the Minister, would begin to materialize in the first quarter of this year.Carifesta X aside,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Minister Anthony highlighted that his Ministry had also undertaken the hosting of Mashramani 2008. He said that the Mashramani celebrations were given a wider exposure than usual, since the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) filmed substantial part of the celebrations for use in one of their documentaries.Anthony noted that at the National Museum, there had been a visiting Cuban taxidermist, who had helped to restore some of the museum’s pieces. The Cuban national had also imparted some of his taxidermy knowledge to the staff members of the museum.The museum’s butterfly collection had also been restored, highlighted the Minister. He said that it would probably go on display early this year.Anthony said that the various exhibitions,Wholesale Jerseys USA, which the museum had hosted, had helped to attract visitors to the museum. Recently, there was an exhibition of some 65 photos, taken from different provinces in China, which featured persons, landscape and buildings, along with different pieces of infrastructure.The Minister also spoke about some of the developments which had been achieved in terms of youth. He pointed to the Kuru Kuru Training College, which presently houses approximately 70 persons, and said that because of the success of the programme there, the building would be expanded to house an additional 80 persons.Most of the persons at the training college are from the hinterland region of Guyana, and the Minister noted that HIV/AIDS peer education had been incorporated into the syllabus at the Kuru Kuru Training College.He said that soon Substance Abuse would be added, so that the persons graduating from the training college can be agents for change in their respective communities.The Minister also revealed that the New Opportunity Corps presently has 103 male residents and 73 female residents. He added that most of the dormitories there had been rehabilitated, giving them a new and modern look.(Rustom Seegopaul)
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