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Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping fuh de Marriott

Postby duay7t15f » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:32 am

When dem boys see de fire high day time near de Pegasus everybody think was a genuine fire until people began to whisper that it was a deliberate act. Was de Umana Yana on fire.Dem boys hear couple morning after,Cheap Jerseys From China, de real reason fuh de benab bun down;  it was a eyesore; it was blocking de view of de Marriott and dem wanted more parking fuh de Marriott.After de benab bun down de government officials begin to talk quietly that how dem shouldn’t waste time fuh build back a benab. Dem was talking bout putting aside couple million dollars fuh build a brighter Amerindian heritage spot.De Amerindian Minister agree; big smiles come out pun she face. When dem boys  expose de devious plan fuh grab up that piece of land too,Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap, fuh de Marriott, de scamps jump quick and seh that dem gun build it back on spot.Is two year now de benab bun down and every time dem boys ask is one answer all de time. “We gun build it back.”Up to today,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, when asked again de Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner  man give de usual answer,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic,  “We gun build it back.” He add on piece more to de answer. He seh year end. Dem boys hope it ain’t cost another $69 million like Jagdeo NIS Berbice building.Lunch man mekking people a FOOL. This is something that dem Amerindians can build 15 in ten days fuh next to nutten. Fuh tell de nation that you put out tender and dem got to wait till year end, he eyes pass people and he mekking dem de thing wha deh under de cow tail.De greatest prison people live in, is de fear of what other people think. Dem boys just want remind de clique who know demselves and Guyana know dem too—all of dem by name and face— that nuff people thinking bout dem—terrible things.And while people thinking bout dem,  dem boys thinking bout Courtney. Dem vow that dem would never keep out he name and he face from de pages of this newspaper until justice is served and dem bastards who de dawgs still watching,Cheap Jerseys China, go to prison.Talk half and rest in peace,Cheap NHL Jerseys, Courtney.
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