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Cheap Jerseys Dear Editor

Postby duay7t15f » Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:15 pm

Dear Editor,Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys,What’s with these television stations and their long commercial breaks during newscasts? Some newscasts have about eight to nine commercials during breaks. Can’t they spread out these commercials so as to not keep viewers waiting for long periods?And they air these ‘overplayed’ commercials as if they are anything worth watching. Guyanese have been seeing some of these commercials for years upon years.Then they have the nerve to say,Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys, “Welcome back and thanks for staying with us”. “Staying with us”? Yeah right. That is if I did not change the channel to watch something else worth my time.We all agree that the newscasts are major sources of bringing in revenue to TV stations. However,NFL Jerseys Outlet, this must be done in a way that does not turn the programme into a commercial airing spree with no end. The news must be balanced with the amount of commercials there are to be aired.Another thing is that we have to reach for the volume buttons on our remotes quickly after changing channels.This is because the volumes on the various channels are not on the same level. Some are very loud and some channels require you to turn up the volume at very high levels to hear properly. This again needs the attention of these stations.Leon J. Suseran
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