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A young doctor intends to take the Chief Executive Officer of the Berbice Regional Health Authority (BRHA) as well as the former Doctor-in-Charge of the Skeldon Hospital to court for unpaid salaries between September and December, 2011.Dr. Ramesh Jaikarran, who was dismissed from practising in the public health system in Guyana two years ago, has stepped forward to challenge what he claims to be the withholding of payment of salary and withholding records that he is now trying to access to prove that he was employed at the Skeldon Hospital during the four-month period.Dr. Ramesh JaikarranAdditionally, having worked at Skeldon Hospital for quite a while after he returned to Guyana from studies in Cuba, he has decided to spill the beans on several issues he experienced at that facility. These ranged from negligence, shortage of drugs and poor healthcare delivery practices.During a revealing interview with Kaieteur News, Dr. Jaikarran stated that he intends to take Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo and Medical Superintendent of the New Amsterdam Hospital (Doctor-in-Charge at the time of his tenure of Skeldon Hospital), Dr. Vishalya Sharma, to court so that he can be paid his salaries.He stated that shortly after his transfer from New Amsterdam Hospital to Skeldon, he was ordered to visit Dr. Narine Singh, Director of Regional Health Services in Georgetown in 2011 about a possible transfer to the Georgetown Public Hospital. He was then told to resume work at Skeldon.Dr. Jaikarran resumed work there and claimed that shortly after that two senior medical personnel (names given) told him that “doctor,Authentic Jerseys From China, you are not supposed to work here anymore—we have made a decision from the region that you can’t practice in the region anymore and that you are supposed to be in Georgetown.’”He stated that he obeyed instructions, “and nobody called me from Georgetown… I waited home for two months.” In September 2011,Air Max 95 Sale, he was then called by Dr. Narine Singh and told that “there was a need for a doctor at Skeldon so I went. Everything was well and I worked with my friends and colleagues, Dr. Anderson,Cheap Jerseys USA, Dr. Rampersaud, Dr. Sheromanie, Dr. Alli…and we did on- calls every three nights for four months until December 26.”However, while working there, Dr. Jaikarran claimed that he was not receiving his salary. He wrote to Dr. Sharma “that I need my money and she said that I had to go to Georgetown. I told her firmly that ‘you’re in charge of me and you should be responsible for my salary’.”He stated that he wrote letters to his superiors, including the Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Health (MoH),Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, that he was not receiving his salary.But the shocker came when Dr. Jaikarran received a dismissal letter from the PS of MoH dated March 11, 2011 that he could no longer practise in the public service and that his services as a doctor were being terminated.  The reason given was “unauthorized absence from duty”.Dr. Jaikarran said that he had taken medical leave for a few weeks during the period of his mother’s death.“Unauthorized leave first of all says I was working and took leave without being unauthorized…it means that I had to have been employed by them before they could have dismissed be.”He said that he was puzzled since he was working, performing operations, and being on- call at Skeldon Hospital from September to December 2011.He is claiming that this meant that he was working at Skeldon without being registered. It is against the MoH regulations to have an unregistered doctor working at any public or private hospital. Dr. Mahadeo has denied last week that there were any unregistered doctors in the Berbice health system.Dr. Jaikarran added that he remained at home during the months that followed and penned a letter to the Permanent Secretary of MoH pleading to be re- instated. His appeal was rejected in a letter dated April 4, 2012.He noted that he has asked for a statement from current Director of Skeldon Hospital,nfl jerseys china, Dr. Chand to show that he was working at Skeldon Hospital from September to December 2011, “even though I have never received an official letter for the MoH; neither did I have an institutional licence to practice at Skeldon Hospital at that specific time.“I was working there as a General Physician…I was told that Dr. Mahadeo said that I cannot have access to that [records to prove he was working at Skeldon at the time].”“I have doctors who could sign to that…that every three days I was on call.”Dr. Jaikarran noted that allegations were made against him that he was intoxicated on the job, when in reality he had been drinking energy drinks, as “many doctors do while working.”Also, it was alleged that he had taken monies from patients for access to his medical services. He denied all these allegations. Another occasion, he claimed, that “(name of senior doctor) sent a patient to my home—the patient said (name of senior doctor) sent me to see you.”But the young doctor believes that the dismissal as well as the push- around he is experiencing is part of a bigger picture to get back at him for being outspoken and one doctor who always stood up against the shortcomings,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, what was right and one who challenged his superiors.He noted that he had a no- nonsense approach and would speak out on wrongdoings and made vocal his criticism of healthcare delivery in Berbice at the two hospitals at which he worked.Several calls yesterday to Dr. Vishalya Sharma were unanswered. When contacted,Wholesale Jerseys China, Dr. Mahadeo said that he was in a meeting.
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