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Postby duay7t15f » Wed Nov 15, 2017 3:16 am

When Donald Ramotar talk bout de signing that form Caricom he was really thinking bout de stupidness that he got going on in Guyana. He was thinking how he spend US$200 million fuh build a state of de art sugar factory and he get a pile of garbage.De factory ain’t wukking properly. It tekking in de cane and it giving out cane juice. But dem got people who got a cheap cane juice machine that giving better quality cane juice. So Donald was thinking bout those things.Dem boys seh that he was also thinking about de airport toilets because he know that Guyanese should not mek things fuh stranger before dem mek things fuh demself.  He know that he ain’t got no special toilet in he house suh he couldn’t understand why Ash Knee and Brazzy and Bharrat would want to put such expensive toilet  in an airport.Of course,Cheap China Jerseys, if is tourism Guyana want to attract,China Jerseys For Sale, then dem can attract people who would want to see de most expensive toilets in de world. Donald was thinking bout that when he was in Trinidad and talking bout regional integration. Is not that he didn’t like Burnham; is just that he was thinking bout so many things that Burnham slip he mind.In any case,China Jerseys Cheap, all dem other leaders talk bout Burnham suh he didn’t have to talk bout de same man because as he himself tell dem reporters later,cheap nfl jerseys online, “Too much of one thing good fuh nutten.”And dem boys seh that dem notice that at last it like Donald done wid Kwame at last. Dem have a real girl who sitting down wid Luncheon to share de press conference. Donald did tell dem boys that he got to get rid of Kwame.Wha Kwame gun do? He gun walk about and pretend that he is Donald right hand.Talk half and watch de most expensive cane juice factory operate.
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