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Postby duay7t15f » Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:44 am

The Media Monitoring Unit (MMU) of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), in its most recent report, reflected a conclusion that the incumbent People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has gained the most political mileage from state-owned media houses.According to the report, the National Communication Network’s (NCN) positive coverage of the PPP/C overwhelmed positive coverage of A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance For Chance (APNU+AFC) by a margin of approximately 6:1.And on the negative side, APNU+AFC gained considerably more negative coverage than the PPP/C to the tune of over 47:1.Specifically, the MMU found that a huge amount of positive coverage given by NCN’s news team to the PPP/C, resulted in a positive to negative ratio of coverage in excess of 97:1.In the Talk Shows/Interviews category, only the PPP/C and APNU+AFC attracted measurable coverage while the other parties did not. In this aspect, the MMU reported that the PPP/C gained a large allotment of positive coverage, while APNU+AFC came in for a “sprinkle.” The disparity in positive coverage that the two political parties received reflected a ratio of 17:1, in favor of the PPP/C.While, APNU+AFC came in for a large disbursement of negative publicity but the PPP/C gained a scant amount.The difference in negative coverage between the two political parties was reflected in a ratio exceeding 17:1, in APNU+AFC’s favor.Also, the report stated that with regard to the Channel’s programming, PPP/C-friendly programmes dominated, particularly the programme, Political Scope.The MMU said that unfortunately,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, it seems as if “they (APNU+AFC and the smaller political parties competing in the elections) are not likely to receive much, if any,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, positive publicity, anytime soon from the programmes produced and presented for public viewing by the Channel itself, the PPP/C or GINA.”The report stated that from the General Programmes category,Cheap Jerseys From China, the PPP/C gained a substantial amount of positive publicity, while APNU+AFC came in for a relatively puny disbursement. Further, MMU said that PPP/C’s positive coverage overwhelmed APNU+AFC’s positive coverage by a margin of approximately 55:1.In the negative columns, the PPP/C gained a microscopic amount of negative coverage, while it was the total opposite for APNU+AFC. The disparity in negative coverage between APNU+AFC and the PPP/C was seen in a ratio of 71:1 in favour of APNU+AFC.CHRONICLEThe MMU said that a review of editorials of the Chronicle Newspaper proved that the PPP/C gained a large appropriation of favorable coverage, while APNU+AFC did not come in for any measureable positive coverage. On the other hand,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, the PPP/C was the recipient of a relatively tiny amount of negative publicity, while APNU+AFC attracted a substantial amount of negative coverage.It was also noted that the PPP/C was the beneficiary of a positive to negative distribution of coverage that was reflected in a ratio of over 26:1, while APNU+AFC, devoid of any positive publicity, suffered net negative coverage.From the letters published in the newspaper, the MMU pointed out that the PPP/C gained a considerable amount of positive coverage, while APNU+AFC failed to attract any favorable opinions of measurable proportions. Also,Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the PPP/C was dusted with a small amount of negative publicity. “In fact, APNU+AFC’s negative portrayal was approximately 173 times the negative publicity calculated for the PPP/C.”“The newspaper’s Columns were the source of coverage for the PPP/C and APNU+AFC in the following way: Both the PPP/C and APNU+AFC received large amounts of positive publicity from the sentiments penned by the newspaper’s columnists. However,Cheap Jerseys Store, the PPP/C was portrayed extremely more favorable, attracting positive coverage that was almost 6 times the positive coverage calculated for APNU+AFC.”It was noted explicitly that in the General News category, the PPP/C scored the highest amount of positive coverage.
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