Cheap Football Jerseys China and Tedenna Bagot

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Cheap Football Jerseys China and Tedenna Bagot

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… Ministry of Health fireBy Latoya Giles A Ministry of Finance employee and a miner were yesterday charged for setting the Ministry of Health on fire. The men Clayton Westford, 19,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, of Lot 7 West La Penitence; and Tedenna Bagot, 21, of 32 Second Street, Alexander Village, were not required to plead to the indictable charge of setting fire to a public building, which was read to the duo by Acting Chief Magistrate,NHL Jerseys China, Melissa Robertson, at the Georgetown Magistrates Court.It was alleged that the two defendants between July 16 and 17 at Brickdam, unlawfully and maliciously set fire to the Ministry of Health Building, which was the property of the state.Westford was represented by attorney at law, Michael Sommersaul, while Bagot was unrepresented.Sommersaul told the court that his client (Westford) is gainfully employed at the Ministry of Finance as an office assistant.He explained that Westford was “dragged” from his bed around 1:00am on Saturday morning and taken into custody.The lawyer asked for bail in a reasonable sum and an early date for trial set. He added that after the trial has commenced “a substantial amount of information would be exposed which would clear his client’s name”.The other defendant,NFL Jerseys China, Bagot, who was unrepresented,Cheap NFL Jerseys, explained to the magistrate that he has nothing to do with setting the Ministry of Health on fire.“Meh worship I don’t know anything about this fire and de police charging me for it”.Police Prosecutor Denise Griffith, objected to bail and told the court if bail is admitted there is the likelihood of the defendants continuing the offence.The prosecutor explained that the court would also be exposed to a number of “things” after the trial would have commenced.Griffith said that the two defendants were on a rampage to induce terror on the nation. The prosecutor further added that both Bagot and Westford have given caution statements admitting to their involvements in the fire.Griffith added that the magistrate should not even consider bail because persons must not be allowed to harm the society.Bail was refused and the defendants are expected to make another court appearance on August 7.  The matter was also transferred to another court.On Sunday last, the Joint Services swooped down on three Campbellville residents and a South Ruimveldt man during raid for suspects into the Ministry’s fire.The three Campbellville family members were released late yesterday evening, but Kaieteur News understands that their cell phones were confiscated.At least five people are now in custody in connection with the torching of the Brickdam building.Relatives of those arrested have accused the ranks of acting unprofessionally.They alleged that none of the lawmen explained the reason for the raid, and residents of a Campbellville home said the ranks kicked open their front door, while searching for a man they say is a prime suspect in their investigation.This was also the case of Westford. His father, Clifton Westford, had told this newspaper that heavily armed men wearing camouflage clothing and masks invaded their home and took his sleeping son. His son was arrested early Saturday morning during a raid at his East La Penitence home.Those detained on Sunday were Keith Ferrier, of National Avenue, South Ruimveldt; and Winston Tracey, his mother, Lucinda Tracey; and Mrs. Tracey’s brother, Kingsley Holder, who resides in William Street,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Campbellville.Kaieteur News was told that Winston Tracey and his two relatives were subsequently released.Police are said to be looking for Mr. Tracey’s brother, Adrian Tracey, in connection with their investigation.According to a source, the police ranks told the man’s relatives that investigators will check the numbers in their phones and re-arrest them if it appears that they are concealing information about Adrian Tracey’s whereabouts.Last week,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, police detained Chairman for the Justice for Jermaine Committee, Heston Bostwick; 31-year-old Kurt Thierens, called ‘Bage’, or ‘Glasses’, of Lot 102 Middle Walk, Buxton, who police said was wanted for several murders; and Colin Jones, 20, called ‘Bunny’, of Lot 3 West La Penitence.Police sources alleged Saturday that Thierenshas given a statement which implicates him and others in the torching of the Ministry’s building.They said he also admitted to being part of a gang that committed several armed robberies and murders.Police sources claim that they have made some progress in identifying some of the perpetrators and are ascertaining the motive for the fire which left an estimated $1B in losses in its wake.Troy Small called “Cats” was another suspect whom the security forces had detained for questioning into the Ministry of Health fire. Small was arrested by men wearing military clothing.
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