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Postby duay7t15f » Sat Nov 11, 2017 7:04 am

De government like to invite de media when is time fuh photograph. When dem got to cut ribbon or dribble pun some baby dem want de camera,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, but when is time fuh dem face de camera to answer serious question is another story. All dem know to do good is walk pun de road and skin dem teeth when people looking.Serious business is another thing.  Sam Hinds is one of dem who don’t like get he back against de wall. When he in trouble he quick to tell de world is not he. Dem boys remember de time when he go to a function wid he wife and de master of ceremonies claim how Sam wife name Elizabeth.De next thing dem boys see is Sam talking to de MC. De mike was on and everybody hear when he begging de man to explain that he mek a mistake because he wife name Yvonne. He claim how he gun get in trouble,Wholesale China Jerseys, that he wife gun mek he life a living hell.That is de same man who get deaf,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, dumb and blind when dem boys confront he wid de Amaila Falls issue. He sign and deny that he put he signature pun any document. Even when de Waterfalls paper print he signature pun de Amaila document de man just play dotish. He shoulda do de same thing when de man call he wife Elizabeth.Dem boys seh that is time fuh he get out of de politics. He need to just rest heself. But then again Donald ain’t want give de man that chance. De other day Donald people send some Cabinet poster to de Waterfalls paper. Dem send one to de boss man and one to Uncle Adam. Dem poster got Sam but he wasn’t smiling this time.Dem boys get nervous when dem hear de Waterfalls boss man holler “Wrong place. Wrong place.” Dem remember de lady of de night who end up in a predicament and holler “Wrong place” just like de Waterfalls boss man.De boss man explain that de Cabinet poster should be sent to all dem jail. Uncle Adam sending he own to de female prison because dem got women in de Cabinet too and most of dem belong in jail. De poster got to paste up in all dem jail suh de prisoners can see who coming and mek de necessary plans to mek some of dem holler “Wrong place.”Talk half and wait fuh de Cabinet holler.
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