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–    cops revisit crime sceneFor three days, Marlon Welcome’s thick dreadlocks concealed the fact that he was the victim of anMarlon Welcomeelaborately-planned execution-style killing.But yesterday, a post mortem by Government pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh finally revealed that someone had shot the 33-year-old Sophia mechanic in the back of the head.Police sources said that the shot was fired at close range with what appeared to be a small-calibre handgun. The bullet was retrieved during the post mortem.A source explained that the gunshot wound was concealed by Welcome’s dreadlocks. Detectives had initially believed that he had been struck with a blunt instrument.The new information suggests that investigators are dealing with a clever killer who somehow managed to get close to the mechanic,Wholesale China Jerseys, execute him, and escape without being identified.Acting on this new information, Crime Scene ranks revisited the murdered man’s home yesterday evening in the hope of finding further clues to his demise. Detectives appear to suspect that the killer used a pillow to muffle the sound of the gunshots. They are reportedly checking the slain man’s pillows for signs of bullet holes and gunpowder residue.But police appear to be still baffled as to why Welcome was executed.According to a source,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the mechanic had a clean record,NFL Jerseys China, and had apparently never been arrested even for a minor offence. Police have reportedly also ruled out robbery as a motive.Welcome’s niece,NFL Jerseys Authentic, Enkeni Isaacs,Wholesale NBA Jerseys Authentic, was the only other occupant of the Lot 192 ‘A’ Field, Sophia residence when the killing occurred.Ms. Isaacs has told Kaieteur News that she last spoke with him at around 21:00 hours on Thursday. The niece said she went to bed after indicating to her uncle that his cellular phone was left on the dining table. She was reportedly awakened at around 01:30 hrs last Friday by two ‘banging’ sounds. She then heard her uncle groaning.Ms. Isaacs said she was about to check on her uncle when she realized that she was naked, so she put on some clothes and ran outside in the living room shouting for ‘thief’.Isaacs said when she ran into the living room she saw that the back door was open.“I see like somebody running through the back door so I run straight outside and call out for my neighbours.”Isaacs said when she ran to the back door she stumbled over someone on the floor. It was then she realised that the person was her uncle.  He was bleeding from what appeared to be a wound to the temple.She then called out to one of her neighbours who, along with his brother, took Welcome to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), where he succumbed.According to the niece, the killers left about $20,NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic,000 untouched in her uncle’s room.She said that the killer scaled the fence,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, then gained entry to the house by removing a few louvre panes from a kitchen window.  She said that the killer then opened the back door, through which he escaped after shooting Welcome.But detectives are puzzled as to why the killer took the risk of entering the premises to execute Welcome, when it would have been less risky to shoot him outside the house.The slain man’s niece revealed that he had been working late into the night in his mechanic shop.Police had detained Welcome’s niece for two days before releasing her.Ms. Isaacs told Kaieteur News that she is eager to assist the police in every way to apprehend her uncle’s killer.“Whatever it takes to solve this I will help. This was a cold-blooded murder.”
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