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Police Commissioner Henry Greene says that he has no idea when forensic samples taken following the murder of bank employee, Sheema Mangar, will be returned from overseas.“How can I know…Why don’t you call the lab?” Greene queried in response to questions that were asked following the signing of the contract at the Home Affairs Ministry for the construction of a multi-million dollar forensic laboratory at the University of Guyana campus.The victim’s mother, Radica Thakoor, has said that senior police officials had reassured her that the samples relating to the investigation had been sent to Barbados.Ms. Thakoor said she was also told that the forensic results would not be ready until January 2011.She has expressed concern that law enforcement officials can now give her no definite information about the samples,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, and she fears that her daughter’s murder would become yet another unsolved case.Assistant Police Commissioner (Law Enforcement) Seelall Persaud had told Kaieteur News last year that forensic evidence taken from “more than one vehicle” will undergo DNA and other testing overseas.The evidence reportedly includes a piece of fabric that was found on one car and a strand of hair that was recovered from another vehicle.During the initial stages of the investigation,Cheap NBA Jerseys Authentic, police detained three men and impounded two cars which were reportedly similar to the one in which the thief escaped.Police officials had indicated that they would have conducted tests to ascertain whether the fabric could have come from Mangar’s uniform.Mangar’s mother had given detectives one of her daughter’s uniforms,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, since her torn and bloodstained uniform was discarded after she was hospitalised.The former Queen’s College student of Lot 675 Block Eight,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Mon Repos, was waiting to catch a bus near Camp Street and North Road on September 10,Cheap NFL Jerseys, 2010,Jerseys China, when a man snatched her BlackBerry phone.The thief then entered a car,Wholesale Jerseys China, which ran over Mangar when she stood in front of the vehicle while pleading for the thief to return her phone.
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