Cheap NFL Jerseys China it is not an easy road

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Cheap NFL Jerseys China it is not an easy road

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The Nestle Svelty Pink Ribbon foundation yesterday conducted a breast cancer awareness walk to raise awareness and to raise funds for treatment.The walk began at the Everest Cricket Ground (Carifesta Avenue) where the participants strode along Camp Street, on to North Road, then on to Avenue of the Republic, before returning to the Everest Cricket Ground, where a health fair was held.Over 300 attended, with most being decked out in Nestle shirts with pink ribbons and the breast cancer logo.Among the participants was Devika Tinsarran a 31-year-old breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed in April 2015. She underwent eight rounds of chemotherapy.Devika said she is very thankful for each day and commended her husband, family members and friends who supported her through her ordeal.She also cited her faith in God as a key factor in her survival.She advised participants to eat healthy, exercise and “laugh as much as possible.”She also stressed that monthly self-examinations can help persons to detect any early signs of breast cancer, “because you know your body better than anyone, and if you feel something you should go and get it check by a health care provider. Early screening and detection for cancer is key and it will be easier to treat.”She recalled standing on the same stage last year, two days after her last chemotherapy session and being “a bit emotional and shaken.”Minister Karen Cummings and some of the participantsMiss universe Guyana and Bryan PrittipaulNevertheless,Cheap Jerseys From China, she is here today standing proudly because she is a cancer survivor.“If you are diagnosed with breast cancer it’s not going to be something easy, it is not an easy road,NFL Jerseys Outlet, there is a lot that goes through your mind. You question yourself asking. Do I keep it to myself? Or do I tell my family members?“My advice to you all is to share the information with someone you trust, someone that will listen and not be judgmental, and in that way you raise awareness for others.“I was happy I told my friends and family. They were extremely supportive and without them I would not have been able to stand here today.A flexible participant“I became an advocate because I want to tell persons out there,Wholesale Jerseys Online, your body has a way of telling you when something is wrong and if you pay attention to it you can get early treatment because early detection is important.The earlier you get screening,Wholesale Jerseys, the faster you will get treatment and chances are you can be saved.”Breast cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence anymore because they are many survivors, soif you know someone who is fighting breast cancer please show them the support that you can,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping, the littlest things are those that matter.”Minister within the Public Health Ministry,Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale, Karen Cummings,Discount NFL Jerseys, said that the walk was really refreshing and its one that she truly appreciates.“Many times we journey from one destination to a next by simply sitting in a bus or car which does not give you much of an exercise.”She urged Guyanese to focus on healthy lifestyles.“By doing so we will have a population that will live longer and healthier. I think many people need to get bicycles and ride to work rather than sitting behind the wheels of a car.Bryan Prittipaul, the operation manager of Distribution Services Limited (DSL) said that in preparation for this year’s breast cancer walk, the organisation teamed up with the Ministry of Health and Nestle. Persons who bought Nestle milk had an opportunity to win t-shirts and different prizes.“We provided a grant to the cancer institute and a percentage of the proceeds will be going to the institute,” he said.
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