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– As defiant councillors gear to take other matters to courtThe possibility of Royston King being appointed to the position of Town Clerk of the City of Georgetown remains in limbo, even as Justice Diana Insanally awaits a response from recently appointed Town Clerk Yonette Pluck-Cort.Pluck-Cort was ordered to show just cause why she should remain in the capacity of Town Clerk by May 16 last.However, when the matter was called on Monday in Bail Court, Pluck-Cort had not yet filed such a response. The period for submission has since been extended to Friday when the matter should be addressed.Failing this, Pluck-Cort could be cited for contempt of court.Pluck-Cort was reportedly served with the injunction in early April but had informed this newspaper that she was not prepared to adhere to the injunction without first seeking legal advice.A memorandum stamped by the Supreme Court Judicature of Guyana, which was brought to the attention of this newspaper, had stated that should Pluck-Cort “neglect to obey this order by the time herein limited you will be liable to process of execution in the purposes of compelling you to obey the same order.”But it certainly was not the will of the Mayor to have Pluck-Cort vacate the office of Town Clerk. Mayor Hamilton Green had pointed to the fact that despite an injunction being served there are yet differences in legal interpretation. He had also offered his conviction that the ultimate decision will be dependent on the court hearing, revealing too, that upon seeing the injunction he had sought legal advice from the Chambers of Luckhoo and Luckhoo which have since indicated that nothing has changed as it relates to Pluck-Cort acting in the capacity of Town Clerk.Robert R. Ramcharran, of Luckhoo and Luckhoo, who had previously offered legal advice to Pluck-Cort, had asserted that “the power to appoint persons to hold or act in any local government office and the power to remove any such person from office shall (be) vested in the Commission” as stated in Chapter 28:01 Section 116(1) of the Municipal Act.The Act, it was noted, states that until the coming into operation of the Commission, the powers conferred on the Commission shall be exercised by the Minister.“It is therefore my considered view that the motion requiring the Deputy Town Clerk to cease acting in the office of Town Clerk and for Mr King to perform the functions of Town Clerk pending his confirmation by the subject Minister is improper and irregular and what in fact the Council sought to do could only be done by the Minister.”But according to a letter signed by Attorney-at-law Nigel Hughes “…as a result of the court order Pluck-Cort is prohibited from discharging the duties and functions as Town Clerk until the Court has heard and determined the application.”The legal action against Pluck Cort,Cheap Jerseys, who has since been appointed to the position of Town Clerk by Minister of Local Government and Regional Development,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Kellawan Lall, was instigated by Councillors Ranwell Jordan and Gwen McGowan-French who together sought to have an injunction be imposed against Pluck-Cort.The intent was to prevent her from acting in the capacity of Town Clerk,China NBA Jerseys, an order which was issued by Justice Insanally. The application was based on the fact that King was interviewed and was selected by the Personnel and Training Committee of the Council to be appointed as Town Clerk.Pluck-Cort had refused to vacate the office, even though King was found by the Committee to be best suited for the position, a development which prompted the legal action which was facilitated by attorney-at-law,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Nigel Hughes.In light of the supposedly arbitrarily selection of Pluck-Cort, a number of councillors, including Jordan and McGowan-French,Cheap Jerseys From China, Patricia Chase-Green,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, Llewellyn John,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, Junior Garret and even Deputy Mayor Robert Williams, had voiced their concern.They had even sought to table and vote on a ‘No Confidence’ motion against Mayor Hamilton Green who was not supportive of the injunction. The motion had however failed to have the Mayor removed from his authoritative post.Councillor Ranwell Jordan in an invited comment yesterday said that while he is prepared to acknowledge Pluck-Cort as the Town Clerk until such time that the matter is dealt with legally, some other councillors are not prepared to do so.He further hinted at the possibility of taking other matters surrounding the appointment of the Town Clerk to the court.  Though he refused to divulge details he did assert that “we have other matters against the action of the Minister but we are waiting for this case to be finalised then we will deal with those.”
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